Dropping when playing on Brazilian server

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  • Build: 101.101.37906.0 5105673
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: Bourne2Believe

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I play a lot of Rated Teamgames. If i have to play on Brazil server (which i have to play surprisingly often considering i am from germany and teaming up with other players from europe only) there is about a 50% rate of my game freezing, while playing.

I can still move the screen, use the UI, klick things, but my units wont move anymore and also the other players see me as resigned.

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Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start game
  2. Join queue
  3. Have to play on Brazil server
  4. Wait for your game to freeze at any random time of the game. Happens eary, happens late. But happens way to often.

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Identical issue I’m having in [Merged] Overlay Freezes

Interesting that it’s not only us from Australia having this issue but from Germany too.


In North America the same thing happens to me in all the games also in ranked

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Same here, approx 50% drop when playing on Brazilian server (I’m located in Australia), can happen 5 mins in or 25 mins in.

It has only started happening for me since latest patch (but FYI got new wireless card at similar time and swapped to different NBN plan with same provider). All other AOEII servers work, and i dont my lose internet connection, and all my other steam games work fine online.

The game freezes - can still scroll map and click units, but it acts like a network drop with no error message, I have to manually resign.

TEMPORARY FIX: Use VPN (I use free version of Betternet)


okay, i had hope that the server maintenance would maybe fix the issue but it got even worse:

8 out of my last 10 games were on brazilian server (even games with only europeans). how can that be a thing? do they chose the first server in alphabetical order with free capacity to run a game? also i get those freezes very often within the first 3 minutes now. this is just not accaptable.

1st of all i should never ever have to play the brazilian server, because there is no reason from ping perspective, that this would ever be the “fairest” server ping wise, nomatter where on this planet my enemy is located.

2nd (and that is way more important) get that disaster server fixed. how can it be a thing, that you have a server running, where a lot of people have an issue on playing? just shut it down if that is the best solution.

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Update on this Issue:

since the server maintenance i usually freeze between 1:00 and 1:20. Pls get that ■■■■ done or just shut down this useless brazilian server.


When is the issue with brazilian server going to be fixed ? Somehow all of asia oceania gets this server by default - it lags, skip frames and we play games with 400 ping vs people who have 60-80 ping on it. Complete insanity.


Yea me too. probablky 80-90 percent of 3v3/4v4s I freeze. same issue and all as the OP. 2v2s and 1v1s it copes. get often small freezes but only in 3v3/4v4 does it fully freeze.


welcome to the forums Dutchie. Yeah I’m hoping it gets fixed soon also!!

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Thanks Bigbird, I like your name. Will you be my guide in this hard time?

Wouldn’t hold your breath, doesn’t seem to be high priority

I’m getting this less frequently over the last 2 weeks. However it has started up again. Only on the Brazil server.

I’ve noticed it improves slightly after Server Maintenance, but eventually comes back with a vengeance

3 Australians
1 Chinese
1 Hong Kong
1 Taiwan
1 Finnish
1 French

Better put them on Brazil!!


Sigh, i just purchased Nord VPN, i shouldn’t have had to, but its such a time waste and frustrating for my friends when i drop 20 mins into a game. Played a 4-5 matches today with no drop - but yeh, I shouldn’t have had to buy a VPN to get around this issue…

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:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • Build: Current
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: Age of Empires II DE

:arrow_forward: ISSUE

Why are so many team games played at the Brasil server, even if no one is from that region? Almost all of these games are laggy.

I think there is something wrong with the algorithm to determine on which server a team game is played, which result in Brasil in too many cases. Many games with just player from the EU are played on Brasil server for some strange reason.

I think the devs needs to have a look at the algorithm behind picking a server. In the past there was also a match making bug where it for one team picked the average elo and compared this to the sum of the elo of the other team. The result was unbalanced team games. I feel like such kind of error is also made in the algorithm to pick a server, with the result too many games are played on Brasil server, even if there are much better options.

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

Join ranked team game queue and have a look at the server on which the game is played. If it is Brasil, it is almost always laggy.


Thanks for making this post. It was reported on AoE Zone as well.

It happens to majority of people very often, it’s just that people don’t check which server they played on.

To everyone that doesn’t know - this information is available on:

So, VPN has not fixed the problem, still getting the freeze. Only on Brazil server…sigh wtf. I’m really curious why its only me and not my friend who also lives nearby (different ISP).

EDIT: Previous VPN (Betternet) seemed to work. ill tinker with this one to see if setting different locations has an effect. So far setting it to ‘Australia’ and ‘New Zealand’ has not helped

EDIT2: Have tried tethering my phones 4G internet over wifi. Same thing happened on Brazil server - leads me to believe its not ISP…?

EDIT3: I tried tethering my phone’s wifi to PC via USB, played on Brazil server with no issue…could it be a wifi card issue? (again nothing wrong with my wifi card - discord keeps running fine when game drops and i have no issues with other games) but could be some wierd hardware issue?

EDIT4: A few related posts by others on Reddit:

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Appreciate the update mate, was looking at some VPNs.

Guess we just get to wait until they decide to fix it :frowning:

might be true, that the percentage of drops lowered a bit, but i feel like i play even more games on brazilian server than before the maintenance. also my drops appear way earlier since last maintenance. usually between 1:01 and 1:08 minutes.