Error in servidor

Hello, friends, after the release of the last patch my game is suffering from a problem in the server, I see 1 or 2 custom games when there are currently many, at every moment in the qualifying games I receive an error and it is not possible to play, I am from Chile, someone else suffers from this problem?

try verifying game files and see what happens.

there seems to be something preventing the patched data from being updated

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yes, it seems this game is full of people who don’t even notice that after update you cant see games or join friends. you are part of few who have a brain and notice when something not right. I can’t believe it’s been 3 days and I come to forum and not a single person responsible for failed patch has an open discussion. Do I really have to be the one to say when there no games or friend connection after a patch, that maybe its the patch that was the problem? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Technically it’s a steam issue, that it doesn’t properly apply the patch for some users.
Could be the difference, if the game and steam are installed on a C:/ drive, or if steam is ran as administrator.

A veces me pasa lo mismo. Vuelvo al Menú principal y entro de nuevo y aparecen todas las partidas. Medio fome, pero tampoco es taaaan malo.

Did you try going back and then going again into the MP lobby?

If you did, I have no idea what to do now

cant connect to anyone and no visible games

i posted the solution 6 days ago.

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i need someone to send me the patch thats the issue, and they should have manual download option; another fail

Your friend could do it

Good afternoon friends, thanks for your help after several days without being able to play and looking for the solution together with people who suffered the same problems, it was resolved, apparently the patch has problems installing when the PC has the TIME in manual mode, only they must put the TIME in AUTOMATIC mode and that’s it


OMG that worked, much thanks to you and your homework :slight_smile:

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but anyone else reading this, verify integrity of steam game AFTER you change time to auto and restart

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