Event rewards didnt unlock

Among these pictures, the picture I circled did not receive compensation

Civilization Selective Fixed Bug & anything victory Daily mission Fixed Bug

There are bugs where civilization choices are fixed. This issue also needs to be fixed.
It is normal to be selected as the recently chosen civilization, but it is fixedly selected as the German civilization. anything victory Daily Mission There is a mission that cannot be activated.

6 out of 10 rewards didn’t come in properly. Please fix the bug quickly.
Changes are not working at all. New Portraits, New Coat Of Arms, New Monument. Among those photos, the picture I circled did not receive compensation.

Thank you for reporting this @KoreanDexters.
Best thing to do for this situation, would be to contact Support and provide them with this information.

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Where do I get the answer? Do I just have to wait?
Can I get a response via email?

Yep, when you get a response to the Support ticket, it will send you an email notification to the email you provided.

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Can event challenge reward bugs be fixed with update patches???

Not 100% on this answer, but I believe it would either be directly addressed through the Support ticket or awarded the following update.

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Thank you very much for your quick response. What else is a support ticket??

Support Tickets can be submitted for: Reporting Bugs, Feedback and Suggestions, issues with Event/Seasonal Content, troubleshooting Crashing or problems with Connectivity, etc.

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Yes, thank you, and please mention it sincerely in the next update patch.

Have made a ticket early for this. But sadly only thing is to watch forums for updates. So I hope is coming in a patch that also with unlock stuff some the past and not just the future :slight_smile:

Waiting in excitement for good news.

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I really hope it gets fixed properly in the next update patch. I don’t know why these things happen over and over again.

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Lunar Faire Event Challenge reward Bug Problem - Age of Empires IV / IV - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum
I sincerely ask for this, too.

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I would appreciate it if you could fix this bug issue as well.

Could your problem be solved? I also have it with the current “Lunar festival”, I have already written 3 suport tickets without success…


I’ve already made enough inquiries before that, I can’t help but wait for the next update.

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