Filthydelphia's Campaign Collection

Thanks @PhillySouljah for another action packed scenario - The Anarchy!
You are again surrounded by enemies who come at you in all directions. You need to protect London and the production area near it.
Getting Ireland is very important. You can boom there in peace and stock up on resources, while you focus on firefighting at home.
In the middle of the scenario - Henry gets his French hoards via Transport ships. I made 15 Don Jons along the Thames river and that took care of all the ships and ensured dealing with Henry was tolerable.
Rest is land based warfare. Mass LongBowmen with that kick ■■■ 12 range and Trebs, you can easily subjugate the rest.
The challenging time of this scenario was the first 40 mins. Relentless pressure that really challenges you.
Loved it! Thanks once gain chief!


I see. Essentially the bug is in the statistics screen at the end there is a button - ‘Return to Campaigns’
If that is shown then u see the next scenario of the campaign.
For me, i see a ‘Return to MainMenu’ button, which takes u to the main menu but does not register the campaign progress.
Even ‘i r winner’ does not work.
Not sure what else i can try.

I just have to start the scenario and immediately use ‘i r winner’ cheat then u get the ‘Return to Campaigns’ button and progress is unlocked. This should be fixed.

I’ve noticed (as of 8/11/22) that your custom campaigns have been removed from the que of available mods. Is this just a glitch (hopefully)

this is worrying, hope they are back

@PhillySouljah - how have you been? Are you planning to release any new wonderful campaigns sir?

Yes! A bunch out now for Return of Rome!


How do I actually download the custom campaigns? Where is the download link?

You subscribe to them via the mods section

I’m sorry but it was a really dumb idea to disable the diplomacy settings on Journey to the West. Something happened with the update where I can’t attack the Lion Pen in Turfan and even switching civs and deleting the fence doesn’t activate the needed trigger. The lion does nothing and the guards kill it.

Either way this needs to be patched. I can’t move forward until it is.

That’s a bug with the triggers though (or the puzzle is solved differently), not a locked diplo thing.

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True, but the locked diplo makes it impossible for me to fix it in the game. Unlocking the diplo screen would at least allow me a bypass.

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