How do you zoom out as far with UHD graphics as with normal graphics (no UHD)?

The game zooms out much farther at the highest zoom out setting when playing without UHD graphics compared to with UHD graphics, and so you can see more of the battlefield without UHD graphics than with them.

Does anyone know how to make it so that you see as much of the battlefield with UHD graphics on max zoom out settings as without UHD graphics???

It’s the same issue as this, from a year ago, and still not resolved…UHD Graphics too zoomed in


As far as I know you have to have a 4k screen.


Indeed, it is explained by one of the developers in this post.


Ok thanks for letting me know, it’s clear now what to do. I’ll get a 4k screen.

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If you play the game a lot, you won’t regret getting a 4k screen. It looks much much much nicer on a 4k screen than a 1080p screen. When you’ve got used to playing it in 4k, if you try it again at 1080p you won’t believe how bad it looks to your eyes that have become accustomed to the look of it in 4k.

Edit: I should add the caveat that your graphics card needs to be powerful enough for 4k. It depends how high your frame rate expectations are, but I’d say if you like to play 4v4 you maybe want a 2070 Super, that sort of level of card. I have a 5700 XT, for example, that scores around 1295 at 1080p, and 1245 at 4k, so you’re losing around 50 points of benchmark performance. The 5700 XT is pretty solid for the gameplay side of things in 4k, holding 50+ fps for the benchmark test, but if you want to use the card’s hardware video encoding for recording or streaming, nvenc seems far superior from my use of both. I have seen reviews that agree AMD encoding is significantly worse than nvenc.

It already looks very very nice in 1080p with UHD graphics, that’s why I wished I could zoom out more, since being able to see more of the battlefield is such an advantage in game.

I would happily upgrade to a better monitor as I love the core game so much. However, given how many ■■■■■■■■ bugs there are with multiplayer, it’s not worth it at the moment…

It just seems silly investing in a £200+ graphics card for a £15 game on Steam which doesn’t even work properly…

I only accept less than 60 fps on single player games and tend to turn settings down as low as possible to get 60fps consistently online. However, AoE2 looks so nice in UHD that I’ve left every setting on and I consistently do get 50-60fps. I have an nvidia gtx 960, which I bought with my pc about 5 years ago. It still runs every single game I want it to run moderatelyl well to very well. I even do video editing and it’s fine for that.

As I said above, if they manage to get AoE2 DE to not have game breaking disconnects then I would definitely consider an upgrade, since I don’t really enjoy other games as much as this one at the moment.

Also fyi, I get about 1200 benchmark rating although it’s at about 40 to 50 fps with every single graphical setting maxed out on 1920x1080.

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I posted different problem but have sense with this discussion, my monitor is 1080p but I love so much activate UHD graphics because the game looks like better, but when I start the game the TC looks very near and the settings of zoom dont keep or save. And the maximum zoom out UHD looks like a médium zoom out with out UHD