[Hub] Civilization Concepts

Central Eurasia + Arabia

Civilisation Author Timeframe Content Comments
Afghans @Chekardhar 600-1600 AD :gear:
Alans @DynasticPlanet5 90 BC - 1239 AD :gear:
Daylamites @AbledManatee867 200-1000 AD :gear:
Hephtalites @WateryCanoe400 500-1000 AD :paintbrush: :open_book: :horse_racing: :gear:
Kazakhs @Apocalypso4826 ? AD-1863 AD :gear: :open_book:
Sogdians @Seicing 484 AD -1388 AD :paintbrush: :open_book: :horse_racing: :gear: :1st_place_medal:
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North America


South America

Civilisation Author Timeframe Content Comments
Chimu @DynasticPlanet5 800-1500 AD :open_book: :gear:
Chimu @PCDragon3979 800-1500 AD :gear:
Chimu @JCC3001 800-1500 AD :paintbrush: :open_book: :horse_racing: :gear:
Chimu @SirWiedreich AD :open_book: :gear:
Mapuches @naoSalvo6890 1200-1600 AD :open_book:
Muisca @Zero17893 1200-1500 AD :gear:
Muisca @SirWiedreich AD :open_book: :gear:
Tupis @BunkerFrog95151 -1500 AD :gear:
Wari @JCC3001 500-1500 AD :paintbrush: :open_book: :horse_racing: :gear:


Civilisation Author Timeframe Content Comments
Polynesians @Apocalypso4826 ? AD :gear:
Polynesians @SirWiedreich ? AD :open_book: :gear:
Micronesians @Apocalypso4826 ? AD :gear:
Visayans @StereoQuasar163 ? AD :paintbrush: :open_book: :gear:

Multi Civ Proposals

Civilisation Author Timeframe Content Comments
Andes ArrangedHeart77 500-1600 AD :paintbrush: :open_book: :horse_racing: :gear:
Asia KarstHillFort77 AD :open_book: :gear:
Lost Dynasties WateryCanoe400 AD :open_book:
MantisAOE Player870583437 AD :paintbrush: :gear:
Europe Goadalchur AD :gear:
Europe Player870583437 AD :open_book:
Caucasus CelticKeeper AD :paintbrush: :open_book:
North America ElizaKolmakov AD :open_book: :horse_racing: :gear:
Diverse Skadidesu AD :gear:
Eastern Europe MUTYLATOR5553 AD :open_book: :gear:
Georgians/Armenians MegasDukas AD :open_book:
Germans MUTYLATOR5553 AD :paintbrush: :open_book: :horse_racing: :gear: :exclamation:
Slavic DarthPyro4335 AD :gear: :exclamation:
Forgotten Hungirrad AD :open_book:
Africa Rorarimbo AD :gear:
India Parthnan AD
India Dafidius AD :paintbrush: :open_book: :horse_racing: :gear: :exclamation:
Europe DukeCountuu AD :gear:
Slavs MegasDukas AD :paintbrush: :open_book: :horse_racing: :gear:
Slavs MUTYLATOR5553 AD :paintbrush: :open_book: :horse_racing: :gear: :exclamation:
Asia Chandrika4321 AD :open_book:
Various StereoQuasar163 AD :paintbrush: :gear:
Armenians + Georgians UpmostRook9474 AD :open_book: :gear:
Khitans and Jurchens UpmostRook9474 ? AD :gear:
America EdgarSamuelON ? AD :paintbrush: :open_book:
Umbrella Split StereoQuasar163 ? AD :paintbrush: :open_book:
North America CheshireWig3203 ? AD :paintbrush: :open_book: :horse_racing:
Multi SirWiedreich AD :paintbrush: :open_book: :gear:
My Ego casusincorrabil AD :open_book: :gear:
Multi TungstenBoar + ? AD :gear:
Diverse TungstenBoar ? AD :gear:
A lot PryingIvy454910 + ? AD :paintbrush: :open_book: :horse_racing: :gear:

Out of AOE2 Timeframe

Civilisation Author Timeframe Content Comments
Romans @AdmiredCell8942 -500 AD :paintbrush: :gear:
Vandals @DynasticPlanet5 400-600 AD :open_book: :gear:
Xianbei @WateryCanoe400 -400-600 AD :gear:

THX a lot, @TheConqueror753 !

If there is anything to discuss please contact me. I will regularly update and backup the pages.
Currently only civ proposals after 2020 are included, but I will put in the missing ones step by step.
Ofc everybody can put in and edit the wikis if needed.

Uh tried to answer a comment and ended up editing the wiki

Yeah, it changes the button, you have to click the arrow, don’t worry, I can revert it. Nevermind @casusincorrabil already fixed it.

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That’s why I made a backup

There is edit history as well, in case you don’t have something backed up.

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Either way, AoE2 timeline includes the 5th century

That’s not up to me to decide though, I just wrote down what I was told to, it’s @casusincorrabil’s call.

Yes this is kinda set “randomly” by me. I’m open to change this if requested by many people.
Fact is we have to set a aoe2 timeframe so we can exclude civ concepts like “romans” or “usa” or whatever. For me i set 600 cause that’s 100 years after the “middle ages” officially begun. And I wanted at least 100 years of overlap.

The AoE2 timeline has been 5th to 16th century since AoC so I dont see any reason to establish any arbitrary number

Also, what do you mean by 100 years of overlap? Overlap with what?

I have no official source for what the aoe2 timeframe is 11
But yeah we are here to discuss this.

I just wanted to make sure that the civ mentioned has at least 100 years of existence/relevance after 500. In my opinion it makes no sense to insert a civ like xianbei which has almost the same time of existance as the roman empire. It’s a medieval game, not an antique game.

Campaigns. We also have the Huns and the Turtle Ship representing the span of the timeline if you want to look at non campaign content

The thing is that thats not completely true. We have rthe whole colonization thing and the last yearsof the Romans as very important parts of the game.

I think we discuss different things here.
I speak about the civ has to exist until 600 to be “in timeframe” - ofc if a civ only exists until 600 all events depicted in the game have to occur at earlier dates.
That’s what I mean with 100 years of overlap. middle ages go from 500 to 1500. So I want the civs to be existing later than 600 so there are at least 100 years of overlap witht the middle age period.

Otherwise we add a civ that ends before 600 than there will be events in 300 so we can add the romans aswell and if we add the romans we can also add the greek and then the aegyptians…
Do you see what the problem is if we argue like this?

But ofc we can say that a civ needs to be existent in a 500-1600 timeframe if this is the general perception. But we can’t go further cause then we have to include civs like the romans.

No we dont have to. The game is from the 5th to 16th century. We dont need a Chinese campaign in the 200s just because they are in the game

And we already have Romans as Byzantines.

But Huns disappeared before the 500s

But again, we can’t argue like this cause then everything would be ok. We need to set a boundary.

The concepts are also not gone, they are just in the “out of timeframe” category.