Improvements to New World Outlaws

Currently the outlaw pool in the Americas consists of the Pirate, Comanchero, Pistolero, and Renegado. These are pretty bland and mostly not viable due to inordinate population requirements compared to newer outlaw units. Rebalancing these outlaws and introducing new/underused outlaws to this region could make them a lot more interesting and viable. In the future, some new outlaws could also be made available in regions outside of the Americas like Australia.

New Outlaws


A ranged heavy infantry unit armed with a blunderbuss. A blunderbuss is basically a primitive shotgun so Buccaneers should have area damage like an outlaw version of Akan Ankobia.

Buccaneers could be depicted as what is shown in the Pirate’s portrait, and Pirates should be given a portrait that actually matches what their model looks like.

They should appear alongside Pirates on maps like Caribbean, Hispaniola, Panama, Florida, and possibly Carolina and New England.

The Haitian revolution currently has the option to upgrade Pirates to “Buccaneers”. Instead, the Buccaneer outlaw should replace the Pirate right from the start and the Letter of Marque card should just improve Buccaneers. This alone could take the Haitian revolution from being terrible to potentially viable.


A shock infantry outlaw that loses health over time. Regains health after defeating enemies.

Outlaws are people who have been banished from lawful society due to their crimes, and the real life elements of the Wendigo mythology fits within that framework. The supernatural strength and stamina of Wendigos would be best represented by a shock infantry unit since they move unnaturally fast. Wendigos are described as emaciated and cannibalistic. This would be portrayed in a mechanic of health depletion like Minutemen and Eso Riders. Every time a Wendigo kills a unit, it would regain health as if consuming it.

Unlike the modern Wendigo depictions of an antlered beast, the original Algonquian descriptions simply describe Wendigos as emaciated people who can grow to giant proportions as they devour victims.


Wendigos should be available on maps in the northern regions of North America such as Great Lakes, Saguenay, Dakota, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Arctic Territories, etc. A treasure guardian version could also exist.

Rustler (and Comanchero rework)

Rustlers could replace Comancheros on most maps as the light cavalry outlaw. They should have a lasso like the Mexican and American equivalent outlaws, but could otherwise be the same as the current Comanchero. They could also appear as Duffers on any future Australia maps.

Comancheros were limited to a specific region of North America and are a poor fit for a generic outlaw. Comancheros could instead be reworked into a heavy cavalry outlaw to distinguish them from Rustlers and add more variety. They could attack by throwing a knife to inflict melee damage from a short range. They should be available in regions corresponding to Mexico and Southwestern America.


Would fill the Renegado role for any future maps set in Australia. It could also be available for an Australian revolution.


The Miner from the campaigns could be repurposed into a Prospector outlaw. It would function similarly to the campaign version but without the ability to construct buildings or mines.

They should be available in regions that had gold rushes like California, Yukon, Rockies, Alaska, Australia, and South Africa.

Revolutionary Outlaws

Jagunços, Llaneros, Morochucos, and Gauchos should be available on applicable South American maps and replace the equivalent generic outlaws (Mounted Granaderos could lose the outlaw tag). Their base population should be increased to be more in line with an outlaw role and stats/cost adjusted accordingly. After sending the applicable cards from a revolt deck, their population requirement would reduce and they would become trainable at regular production buildings. Livestock harvesting and training would also be enabled. Buccaneers should also have a similar population reduction and ability increase for Haiti once Letter of Marque is sent.


I admire your persistency. It is my dream to see all map outlaws up there with European outlaws in power, usability (pop) and variety.


The new world isn’t the only area where outlaws are lacking in diversity and strength.

Asian Outlaws

African Outlaws

Tavern Rework

A rework to their production buildings could also help outlaw viability.

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One way outlaws could be made more viable is to give them some niche uses. Giving them a multiplier versus native units could be one such niche use.

Outlaws everywhere menace local populations, robbing and extorting them, so a small bonus versus local units from native allies makes sense. It would also match with more specific themes like the “Cowboys and Indians” rivalry or real life examples such as the Cypress Hills massacre.

The bonus could be gated behind an upgrade called “Banditry” or “Vigilantism”. An anti-native bonus such as this would make outlaws a viable option to counter native rushes.

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Well thought. It would be a good way to deal with Incas or French who power natives well above average.

Yeah but terrible for every other civ that never rarely uses natives. Creating another disincentive.

There is suppose to be a unit hierarchy of sorts where in any given unit type the merc version is the best but hard to mass cause of cost, the standard unit trainable by a civ and then the native unit, that is cheaper and weaker. This hierarchy isn’t always followed but still.

Outlaws are then suppose to be cheap mercs with high pop to balance them out.

Maybe if natives were cheaper and weaker, and able to be made at higher numbers then a outlaw multiple against them would work, as a balancer. Then later game when shifting to mercs, natives would be even less effective against mercs due to there general high resistances and attack.

When it comes to the older outlaws and natives, neither are really viable at the moment. There are the French and Inca rushes and the Africans who use natives from their age up alliances. Otherwise, natives are just used to supplement armies when you hit the population cap.

I think the old natives need a touch up to give them an active ability like the new Royal Houses, or a passive ability like consulate allies. That would give an incentive to spend wood on a Trade Post to ally with them.

The new African and European outlaws far outclass the old ones from Asia and the Americas so they need some substantial rebalancing to bring them to viability.