Japan needs a buff

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Yeah, that always bothered me. Japan is actually B tier at most.

Japan has only one flaw. The fact that it is marginally slower at the start. However, if you miss that window or have a civ that isn’t a rush civ you will lose more often than not.

Doesn’t the shrine serve as a house? It’s not like you are even building anything that any other civ needs to build but since heroes can build them no vil time is needed plus you get the eco and LOS advantages.


Japan is a balanced civ. I would put it in the A tier alongside the British Empire.

The only thing I would buff is the Flaming Arrows which is very awkward in killing infantry and mostly acts like a Culverin, but it’s not like Japan needs any kind of buff.

P.S: Still waiting the devs to NERF the following civs: Mexico, USA, Malta, Italy and Hausa. Thank you.

Te lo creo de EE.UU y quizas un poco Mexico, pero malta, italia y hausa? que quieres hacerlas inutiles? que nerfearas de italia, sus pavisiers? su basilica? o sus bersaglieris? en cuanto a malta, sus unidades en su mayoria valen 2 pop y los que más usan sus ballesteros, que si necesitan una revisión (por cierto es la rev de piratas berberiscos la que esta un poco rota, y no se jugue contra lakotas al otro dia y le lanze esa revolución de PB, pero ellos simplemente ganaron sus tropas sin mejorar eran mejores que las mias) y hausa? en serio colega, en serio? esa facción se ha comido un monton de nerf los ultimos parches, yo ni juego hausa ni malta, pero cuando me los pillo no se me ha dificultado ganarles, y que conste juego italia pero rev.

but Japan can shipment units 7 times in age 2,so I cannot understand why Japan is afraid of rush.

Cause you normally get at most 3-4 shipments to spend before the rush hits you.
2 of them will be the shrine cost card and 4 villies. So in best case you get to send ashi + yumi but in most cases it is just 1 unit shipment.

It is equivalent to 20 resources more [5+food , 15+gold] Better speed, better HP and better attack. A lot more food? I’ts only 5 more.

No noob argument, you leave Japan do the houses and they surpass your eco easy.

It depends on your strategy, if you see a possible rush don’t do that and send units instead.

In age 1 They are 250 hp each and 8 attack each. A regular explorer is 450hp and 12 attack. The F u talking about, they can take almost any treasure they want in age 1 if used well. Poof thing is just unnecessary and OP for age 1.

But is still an option no other civ has in age 2, totally broken in my opinion.


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