Lakota, treaty eco

lakota is very strong and can hold up against every civ army wise, but they need some more farm upgrades. They have 2 HC farm upgrades(1 gold 10% and 1 food 15%)… its just not enough.i played sweden, who had double the rescources

When u have 25 vills on firepit and only 70 vills farming… gg

warchief civs must be made more attractive for late games
I feel like they are cut out of the game, cause they are mainly bad :sneezing_face:

Native civs even in normal game are not attractive and too weak.

I’ve tried to give as many options as I can to improve the Lakota economy, but the long and short of it is that the dev team will never make the Native civs stronger for treaty because they made the Incans to be the Native treaty civ.

They don’t want their “new and shiny” civ to be upstaged by making the other Native civs viable on the same level.

Its silly to say that the Devs dont want some civs to be good in Treaty. As a counterpoint, they gave 2 major buffs to Lakota for Treaty:

1- Walls (age 4 only, so definitively not a change to enable turtling with the civ)
2- Infinite Bison card (age 4 too)

I had a fantastic food Eco using hunts only late game (only one farm created for upgrades)
As ou know, hunting is the fastest way to get food in the game and Lakota have major avantages if you consider that infinite cards:

  • 3 cards for hunt (Farming only has one)
  • Wise woman give 40% boost to hunting if taken for age 5

15-20 villagers provide more food than necessary with that strategy in my games. This also saves you a good amount of wood (farms). It is fun to create a Bison cage (wall in a drop point like a TC), but sometime vills may bug and stop gathering (hopefully this will be fixed).

That being said, my 50 villagers on estates were not enough and gold is the major issue still.

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It’s not that they don’t want some civs to be strong there, it’s that they simply don’t care if they’re good or not.

The Lakota economy has always been weak, and the infinite bison card isn’t going to change that in a substantial way. They’re still at a distinct disadvantage in losing 25 villagers to the firepit and the innate lack of any decent gold income.

I’ll also never understand why they have so many wood upgrade cards when they’re probably the civ who needs wood the least.


Sioux is the only civ that you can even argue that Sweden might lose vs at a higher level.