Map pool voting is flawed

A lot of lobby player also vote. They dont even play ranked. They see that vote as “whats your favourite map” vote, just voting for fun. So it end up noob maps like amazon and michi always in the ranked map pool. It is so annoying


How do you know???


I do agree. Voting doesnt seem to reflect the player base. Just have a look at the play rate vs the voting rate and this should be clear.

Last poll Amazon Tunnel was #1 in the voting for 1v1 last time i checked. But have a look at the play rate of this map after 2 weeks. It will be much lower.

I would suggest to add a minimum of ranked games on that specific ladder in the last 2 weeks before you are able to vote. Like at least 5 games in the last 2 weeks. Something like that would solve the issue.


Might be, might be not. If one player ban Amazon Tunnel/Michi the other (lets imagine the second player voted for these maps) cant play it. So, thanks to the ban system a map highly voted might not be that much played.


Oh Not this again… Here, im gonna out myself: i like Michi Teamgames and im 1500 1v1. I always ban arabia and Arena for Teamgames and i like the variety of the “non-meta”-maps.
But the thing is how do you know it is the lobbyplayers that screw with the voting? Could also be the average player that doesnt like rushing so much.
Eitherway im fine with making voting only possible for players that are ranked, but i dont think it will change much.


Among others… the answers and opinions are there… should we start again???

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Noobs should be able to vote. This is not a problem. The issue is that the devs don’t have common sense.
BF and Amazon are enough for closed maps. Michi should not be introduced at all because there need to be a limit on how close and how open the maps are. I know the map forest nothing got a lot of fans too and it might be in the pool some day which is funny to see.

Anyway, maybe the game is too old and people don’t care about it too much

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+1. If we have michi, why we dont have forest nothing? (!)
My offer was, Remove voting. Expand map pool to 50 maps but give player 45 ban right so everyone play which ever map they want and can build their own strategies and enjoy much more.


It’s democracy. The bad players want closed maps. Huge numbers of players like to boom and relax and not have to worry about being rushed.

While the pro players love open maps, they don’t instantly quit the game when they see a few scouts in their base. Bad player/noob experience in a nutshell.

You would need a dictatorship in voting to get your way.


Lol no, there are people who never played a ranked game in their lives and still vote in these polls. Just compare the numbers and it should be clear.


Not to mention the terrible UI design that makes it so people vote overwhelmingly in favor of the maps that are on the first page (they don’t realise you can scroll down)


What if we get different map pools based on ELO? e.g.

  • under 1000
  • 1001-1500
  • 1501-1900
  • above 1901

This way your vote would count only for your ELO range.

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I think only allow rank player to vote is enough to solve the issue.
I mean only solo player can vote the solo map, and only team rank player can vote the team rank map


So if I didn’t play any ladder game in the last 2 weeks I could not vote? That sounds unfair, since the map pool also affect the Quick Game selection.

It would be enough to let all players vote, but in different pools.
I agree with the solo/team distinction btw.

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Quick Game was developed as an extension of ladder game that allow casual players to quick play in rank game map pool with relic win and wonder win. imho since ladder game do not have relic win and wonder win, allowing player only play with quick game will greatly skew the map pool to closed map to an extreme like michi. Quick Game is alternative of lobby game and I think Quick game only player should have the same right as lobby game only player, which is not allow to vote in ladder game map.

And definately solo and team must be distincted since in this forum someone who is a solo only player already mention that he always vote for the worst map for team game in order to see people suffer. As a team game only player I always do the opposite and vote for the worst map in 1v1 to set the world on fire.

I like challenging map pools, with maps I didn’t played before. Complaining about Amazon Tunnel is a bit ridiculous when it is just the 2nd time in the pool. Once in a while every map should be in the map pool. Good players should be able to adapt to all kind of maps.

The map pool voting is overall fine, and that maps like Black Forest and Amazon Tunnel always win the vote is something I like about it, since these are unique maps that are not in the pool most of the time. What is a bit suboptimal imo that often the same maps get voted like Hideout, Four Lakes, African Clearing, Nomad. I would rather see rare/new maps like Greenland, Marketplace, Morast, Sacred Springs, City of Lakes more often. It doesn’t make much sense imo to have Four Lakes 12 times in the pool in a year, but others never. But people vote for what they know.


Well, that’s a matter of perspective. I think there is a certain set of maps that are just well-designed for what they provide, and most people know to play them reasonably well (it’s no fun to win if it’s because the opponent does not know how to play a map at all). The maps you mentioned (especially Hideout, Four Lakes, Nomad), are the ones that I personally wouldn’t even mind as permanent maps in the pool.

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how does this work when a 998 elo player gets matched with a 1002 elo player?


You could match only if you share some map in the pool, like the fixed ones (Arabia, Arena, ect.)

For the maps that are not in all the pools, there would be some limitations: if you are 998 ELO you would match only with 1000- ELO players
If you are 1002, you will match only with 1000+ ELO

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I like maps like continential, yucatan, even real world maps, there are tons and tons of interesting maps, but please not dumb map like amazon tunnel or michi in ranked