Method to improve walling on hills

I don’t know if this is possible, but hear me out, we all know how frustrating is to wall on hills and end up having a hole, so I’m proposing the devs to make a “Walling mode” which, when you press a hotkey it will stop the hills from rendering, all the map becoming flat until you press it again.
You can even take this a step further and mark the boundaries of buildings, trees and cliffs more clearly on this mode, which would reduce the need for small trees or cube mods
As I said, I don’t know if this is feasible on the engine, but I think it would improve the game imo
Also in the topic of improve walling, I want to “bump” Age of Salamanders (Optimal Walling: JavaScript to test a QoL (Age of Salamanders)) It would be so useful and it doesn’t get the attention it deserves


Thank you for putting light on this topic and for the suggestion :wink:

In fact, regarding the holes topic, the Age of Salamanders also shows an algorithm to improve this: the Tile Indicator, that you can test here (which would also require to press a specific hotkey, like your suggestion).

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I much rather have the QoL suggestions of AoS, then this suggestion.

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Idea is great ! I made visualization.

Building while holding hotkey.

Second example:
Hole in the wall

Holding a hotkey.

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Great Visualization! thank you

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Yes, I’m aware, I really liked most of your suggestions in AoS, but I think the Tile indicator is too complex and a bit of an overkill, my suggestion would be a little more “vanilla”, and would make less people angry like they did with Auto Scout

I remember in the old age, when using low graphs, the hills would be seen like terraces. IMO was easier to see the holes in that mode.