Moluccas Map

Description - Known as the “Spice Islands", these lands were the incredibly lucrative starting point of the spice trade. Spices like Nutmeg and Cloves were only found here and commanded high prices. The shape of the map mimics the “K” shape of islands like Halmahera and the nearby Celebes.

Settlements - Malay, Jesuits, Sufi

Trade Route - Maritime

Resources - Herds of Babirusa, Javan Rusa (deer), and Cassowary interspersed with berry bushes on the main island. Very dense coverage of berry bushes on the outlying islands (represents spice plants and synergizes with Malay’s Spice Island Traders tech)

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(southeast corner)


Colega con estas ideas que dan gente como vosotros yo lo flipo, este mapa esta la ostia! es verdaderamente genial!

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Updated to include Fishing Villages.


Lovely map as always. Like the idea of either a water defence in the narrows or going right round for a water attack, and boxing the opponent in if you control the middle. Only criticism is I think it could be to narrow. Possible to remove the outer islands and move everything over to the right?