More New Campaign's for Age of Empires II DE?

Is it possible so that More New Campaign’s for Age of Empires II DE ???

A DLC or in Last Khan’s ???

Look like Avars, Göktürks, Golden Horde, Chagatai Khanate’s, Il-Khanate, Yuan Dynasty, Babur Mughals, Ottomans, Seljuks, Egypt Mameluke’s etc… I Wroted More Asian Campaign “because i like this if there making the campaigns” but you can think more than this.

And the Hero’s: Baibars, Bilge Khagan, Kül-Tigin, Bayan Khagan, Orda Khan, Batu Khan, Berke Khan, Chagatai Khan, Khaidu Khan, Hülagü Khan, Ghazan Khan, Kubilai Khan, Jebe, Jelme, Ogedai Khan, Guyuk Khan, Köchü Khan, Akbar the Great, Yavuz Sultan Selim, Suleiman the Magnificent, Fatih Sultan Mehmed, Seljuk Beg, Alp Arslan, Kipchak Khan: Konchak Khan, etc…

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The devs talked about a content update for the DE, but i guess the bugs ended up delaying the release. Take a look at some official posts about updates, more info on that there.

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You will be interested into this Eight New Campaigns by Filthydelphia (FE Campaign Designer)


They should absolutely become part of official campaign set.