My AoE4 wishlist

This list has categories which are sorted alphabetically. Within the categories you will find numbers which essentially stand for that this is very important to me or that I think that this would be easy to change.
So do not be confused when you see some irrelevant points having a higher number than other objectively more relevant ones.



  • Deleting multiple buildings is way to loud

Building/Unit behavior


  • Add split formation for cavalry units

  • Adding subselected units to a control group should only add these units

  • Building foundations and buildings should be seperated when doule clicking on either one of them

  • Connect wall with allies

  • Fix villagers just standing around for a second after having finished a buidling

  • No formation“ formation: Selected units will move to the tasked position while ignoring the current formation.

  • Remove building scanning

  • Unit stances: Aggressive, Defensive, Stand Ground and No Attack. Ability to set the default unit stance based on the unit type.

  • Units should leave buildings towards the gather point



  • Option to mute messages and pings seperately



  • 10 more control groups (total of 20)
  • Option to split Focus on last attack notification into Focus on last attack notification and Focus on last notification
  • Remove scout from military related hotkeys
  • Select all military units on screen, select idle military units on screen
  • Selection modifier keys: Hold a modifier key while drag selecting to determine whether you select economy or military units.
  • Set own camera rotate hotkey.
  • Set own delete hotkey, add: instantly delete all selected units hotkey
  • Shift buy/sell for market


  • Access primary UI panel hotkey

  • Select all/cycle through idle fishing ships, trade units



  • Make the „Advanced Game Settings“ mod official part of the game
  • The host should be able to change the team of other players.


  • Ability to create presets ourselves



  • Rename „Hideout“ to „Enclosed“

  • More maps:

  • Arena, Coastal Forest, Golden Swamp, Haboob, Hamburger, Hideout, Hyperrandom, Kawasan, Land Nomad, Nomad, Scandinavia, Socotra (AoE2)

  • Bayou, Congo Basin, Florida, Horn, Niger Delta, ##### River, Swahili Coast, Tripolitania (AoE3)



  • More mod categories



  • Ability to set the gather point of a unit inside the buidling it is being produced from.

  • Reset gather point of building(s): This should be done by selecting the building(s) and hitting the set gather point key twice.



  • When game found: chat to team only, increase time from 30 seconds to 1 minute



  • Attack notifications mute settings: For instance turning off receiving a notification when a teammate is being attacked by a Gaia unit.

  • Camera behavior related to units: Option to not move the camera when using a select all hotkey of any kind, Go to next unit should not move the camera, if the unit is roughly in the center of the screen.

  • Color consistency: A setting which allows you to determine as which colors players on your team and the enemy team are displayed. In addition the UI should show the previous color next to the name of the player.


  • Mouse wheel sensitivity

  • Option to start the first 15 seconds of nomadic maps with Friend or Foe Colors enabled



  • Historical Battles

  • More Campaigns

  • Wave mode similar to Ottoman Art of War mission but essentially as a seperate mode for all civs and more



  • Civilization icon next to player name in scoreboard

  • Display how many buildings are used to queue a unit: For instance 4 villagers being produced from 2 town centers should have 2 icons with a 2 on them instead of 1 icon with a 4 on it.

  • Display villagers, fishing ships, trade units and military units seperately

  • Mini map modes: military, economy, …

  • Option to hide win conditions

  • Production progress bar for units: This is already the case for upgrades.

  • Show gold count while placing a hunting cabin

  • Show market prices without the need to hover over the icons

  • UI: I hope that the developers give us the option to customize the colors of the UI. I also hope that, in addition to the current icons, we will get stylized ones similar to the other titles in the franchise.



  • Attack from building/unit in not visible territory should make that territory visible for a few seconds.

  • Building scaling is off

  • Improve siege death animations

  • More Gaia

  • Option to remove golden builders, golden siege crew and option to replace golden foundations with wood/stone

  • Option to remove destroyed buildings from the map

  • Option to remove building icons from buildings

  • Units should not walk through buildings (visually)

  • Water should look like water


  • Control group numbers missing: Sometimes units have no number on top of their head even though they are part of a control group. I wanted to report this as a bug but do not know how to recreate this issue.

  • More biomes

  • Siege units should not levitate when going down or up a hill

  • Waypoint flag numbers


  • Option to hide floating text

  • Ranged units should throw torches when attacking a building


I agree with most of them, especially the military formations, some hotkeys (also the one to select units of the same type) and apart from what I commented at the time.

There is already a pinned thread where you could write this feedback.

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I also want my 20 control groups from a year ago

select only army or only villagers or only enemy units

for which we do not use control groups in buildings

the D of the ram

do not attack - already requested

kill counter

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Amazing post, 100% agree with all points.
These are pretty much must haves.
Expecting all of this from a [advertised as COMPETITIVE] triple AAA RTS 60€ 2021 game.

Would be nice if military units would also stop getting stuck on attacking buildings.
Especially archers DON’T prioritize attacking military units.
It’s super painful and costs huge losses in fights.

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My AoE4 wishlist: better balance and bug fix

(obsolete) 20 characters

that is already possible

I just realized. Thanks for telling me.

improve the minimap

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