My suggestions for AOE III - balance and otherwise

I said having unique mechanics is okay, so yeah asymmetry is okay. Most complains on Japan boil down to either the shrines or the daimios.

Shrines are worse then settlers and almost everyone agrees daimios should be reduced.

Seeing that you cant come up with 10 posts or dont feel like searching (because its gonna take long as there arent many) proves my point. I never said all people thing 4.5 speed is okay, ofcourse there would be people complaining about stuff. There is always someone complaining about something. Saying however that a lot of people complain when you cant bring 10 different people of a playerbase that is more then 300x that says nothing and is simply not a lot. We just dont know if a lot of people do or do not aprove of the 4.5 speed.

It’s YOUR responsibility to prove NOT MANY PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT because YOU SAID IT.

Let’s design a civ with reverse counter units.
Let’s design a civ with zerg mechanics.
Let’s design a civ with no military units but cast spells.
Let’s design a civ that can do nothing in the first 10 mins then instantly win.

All very unique. Unique so okay. Do not object.

And those who complain about shrines or daimyos should be expelled from the community as well. Because shrines and daimyos are unique. Unique so okay.


Lets just take China for now, besides the 2 factories (which is pretty big) and 220 unit cap they also have the following:

  • Confusion academy: basically a 3rd factory on producing artillery.

  • House and livestock pen combined: which isnt too big but they get 20 wood cheaper housing and technically if you were planning on building a livestock pen 200 (or 250?) wood free.

  • Temple of heaven: heals your troops.

  • Pretty fast train time, because of two cards.

  • Fort wagon

2 (3) factories > Bank and shrines

And Japanese advanced arsenal doesnt have everything.

Lol are you partially blind. I have said multiple times already I agree with decreased amount of daimios. Or whatever nerf is reasonable, so not just deleting the entire unit.

Also shrines are worse then settlers and villagers! can you comprehend that? Is it hard to understand? Do you know the maths on the gatherrates?

Early game they give a nice boost but arent much better then bonusses like manor houses, portugueze town centers, coreur des bois, Russian settler spam etc.

Do you know what reverse means? Do you know units means plurar? Which “reverse” Japanese counter units are there can you please list them all?

Every Asian civ has “spells”. And the “spells” Japan has are comparable when you look at other civs military and card bonusses for them.

Instead of whining on the forums come and do a 1v1. If Japan is so OP you should be easily able to beat me as I am not a pro.

And I spent the effort to prove something that YOU have the responsibility to prove.

June 24. OP is about caroleans, but ashigaru speed is brought up again. Not the same id as me.

June 2. SPEED again. Not the same id as me.

May 3. Reduce ashigaru speed in OP. Not the same id as me.

March 17. From someone who thought the nerf was too much, but ASHIGARU SPEED is what should really get a nerf. Not the same id as me.

March 13. Reduce ashigaru speed in OP. Not the same id as me.

Jan 24. SPEED. Not the same id as me.

Nov 20. Reduce ashigaru speed in OP. Not the same id as me.

Not counting those who agreed in the reply and liked the post/reply. They don’t have the same id as me.

BTW, not a SINGLE change to ashigaru has happened even after the first patch of TAD. I wonder why older posts do not count.


But they are unique so okay.

“Let’s design a civ” meaning that civ has not existed in reality.
But according to you as long as it is unique, it is fine.

Do they have no military units?

Using your logic: your failing to respond my posts proved my points.

BTW, as you can STILL do a lot of things which destroys Japan utterly and be an asshole which shoots all hunts when playing against Japan, I guess I’ll be instantly wrecked.

Still not 10 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

And agian read what I am saying, the other guy keeps saying that there are a lot of people complaining even if you had 10 people it is by a far stretch not a lot of people. When the (active) community is around 3000+ 10 people isnt even 1%

Funny, I also suggested to nerf Inca for something. Why don’t you two have no any objection for that but keep protecting Japan, in your eyes Japan is weaker than Inca?

Not counting those who agreed in the reply and liked the post/reply.

BTW, who determines what number means “enough”? Why it has to be 10? PROVE THAT BECAUSE YOU SAID IT.

Nothing to do with what you quote. Also I reafirmed what you said. I dont care about shrines as they are a unique mechanic which isnt OP as which I stated multiple times and I just dont feel like repeating myself.

Again when people tend to lose an argument or just dont make any sense they tend to pick smaller more side arguments or closing arguments because thats the only thing they can target to make any points. I explained this also numerious times, if you still dont understand not my problem.

Because if you cant even get 10 posts it simply means its false what the other guy was saying about a lot of people complaining when its less than 1% of the playerbase.

Obviously, the other 2990 all think that 4.5 speed is perfectly fine.

Because there isn’t someone who jump out saying “Inca is fine. Others ALSO have abced. You can STILL do abcde to utterly wreck them. You can EVEN be an asshole against them. If you think they are too good you haven’t played the game. I hating being bossy and I never blocked people but I’m going to block you because you said nerf Inca”.

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You target the wrong mechanics of Japan, you mainly target shrines which arent OP. That I have said numerous times.

Again I dont care about the diamios being nerfed as long as you dont want to just delete them

Never said that, in fact told you multiple times whe simply dont know, I am really starting to think you are just either ignorant or partially blind.

you think 10 is a lot of people complaining? You must have low standards.

You cannot get 10 posts complaining about literally ANYTHING.
So leave the game as it is. Fire the dev team because we need no adjustments anymore.

Not counting those who agreed in the reply and liked the post/reply.

Yeah and how much more in the replies do you think there are? Most likely not more then 20, still not even 1%.

Again do you think 20 is a lot of people complaining when there are 3000 total?

You know it yourself. Don’t pretend you didn’t see:

You see you target often mainly those points. I have gone through your points, maybe I read over a few, point them out I gladly reply to it.

Literaly your whole reply was what I replied to, thats not a closing statement.

At least you two should learn how to show the reason rather than just saying they are fine or turn back aoe2.

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