New Arctic Maps

The far north has a ton of potential and could be broken into several maps like what has been done to the Amazon. 3 new maps of Keewatin, Ungava, Northwest Passage, and a rework of Arctic Territories could provide this. These maps were designed to compliment fishing bonuses provided by an Inuit minor civilization and promote interplay between land/ice and water.


Settlements - Inuit, Cree

Fauna - Moose & Caribou on land, Seals on ice

Trade Route - Two routes moving goods by dogsled.

Treasures - Polar bears and wolves guarding overturned sleds. Lynx guarding dens. Some bandit and medicine man (why were these guys renamed?!) treasures.

Description - Rich hunting grounds stretch out onto the sea ice. A navy will be needed to secure the resources and Inuit allies out on the ice. (Keewatin is Cree for “Blizzard of the North”)


Settlements - Inuit

Fauna - Caribou on land, Seals along the shore, Walruses on ice

Trade Route - One route moving goods by dogsled.

Treasures - A few water treasures like driftwood. A high-level treasure on each iceberg. Polar bears and wolves guarding overturned sleds.

Description - Trees are sparse in the tundra of the north. Beware the icebergs across the frigid waters. (Ungava is Inuktitut for “Towards Open Water”)

Northwest Passage

Settlements - Inuit

Fauna - Caribou & Muskox on land, Walruses & Seals on ice

Trade Route - None

Treasures - Ships frozen in ice. Polar bears and wolves guarding overturned sleds.

Description - The route through the north is perilous, and many expeditions have ended entombed in the ice.

Fixes to Arctic Territories (Renamed to Septentrion)

Settlements - Inuit

Fauna - Replace moose with walruses. Replace herds on the ice with seals and walruses.

Trade Route - Change to dogsled variant

Treasures - Largely the same. Swap broken-down wagon models with overturned sleds.

Description - Septentrion means northern regions (refers to Ursa Major)

Other Changes - Fixed mines on ice by adding land underneath. Added limited water access with few fish but plenty of whales.

Other Maps

  • Dogsled Trade Routes added to winter maps like Yukon, Siberia, and Saguenay (winter). The trade route would start with a small sled (like a modern racing one). The tech to advance it to a larger sled with multiple dogs could be called mushing. The final stage could remain as a train.

  • Overturned sleds as a treasure model could also be used on other maps

  • Seals could be added to several coastal maps such as Alaska.

  • Inuit added to Alaska, Yukon, and Saguenay

  • Possibly a Greenland map with the above features

Map Locations

Below are the suggested locations for these maps:

The next ones I’m working on are for maps with Voyageur-style water trade routes. I’m still brainstorming for Oregon and Athabasca so ideas for those are welcome. If anyone is ambitious enough to make these in the scenario editor that would be even better.


please no more snow maps :stuck_out_tongue:


We just got two continents worth of maps in Africa and South America that don’t have snow.


mapas com neve são muito chato para minha visão o branco acaba com meus olhos

Actually the snow maps are spectacular in this game. It also proposes very interesting natives.


We now have treasure ships as a type of mine on the Panama Map.

This concept could be expanded to ships trapped in ice on the Northwest Passage Map. Many expeditions were lost in the search for a northern route to Asia. The Franklin expedition was one such example:

In the far northern tundra, trees don’t actually grow, and wood is scarce so these ships trapped in ice could yield wood instead of gold and the number of trees on the map could be reduced. In real life, the Inuit even salvaged resources from lost ships like this so there is a precedent for it.


Finally finished the locations for the loading screen map:

Ungava, Keewatin, Northwest Passage, and Sepentrion are new/reworked maps to accommodate the Inuit

Maracaibo would accommodate the Muisca and Jivaro

Mosquito Coast would be a Lost Map that could accommodate Maya, Zapotec, and Maroons


They are good designs for several regions though. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Just a matter of textures and locations.

These ones are a lot more fitting for arctic regions though. The only other equivalent to unbuildable ice terrain would be something like mangrove or swamp terrain so there’s only one alternative for retexturing them. Northwest Passage could probably be worked into that theme but then you’d have to remove the whales from the open water and they’d become a lot less lucrative.

I also designed the maps to compliment my Inuit suggestion so I’m hoping for snow. :crossed_fingers:

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