New civ idea-Tarascans

This is my second civ idea from the list -New Civ ideas , the Trascans . They are basically a subfaction of Aztacs. So i got the idea of subfaction from the discussion - Can you add additional civilisations to DE?

and you can actually do this in scenario editor. I did make a sub-faction “Kannadigas” with new unique unit “rajputs” with graphics from Omkar historical reskin mod, but i couldnt change the techtree. I think modders can do this … adding and removing techtree etc.
if you want to make it in scenario editor you can take help from this video :

So now for the Tarascan subfaction :

Subfaction tech icon : image
If you choose this tech in TC your techtree will change according to this subfaction

Building style , wonder , language ,civ bonus, team bonus same as Aztecs

Unique Tech : Castle age : Chimalli shield : Quetzalcoatls chosen and eagle warrior have more pierce armor
History : Chimali shield constructed out of materials such as the skins of deer, ocelots, and rabbits, plants such as bamboo, agave, and cotton, precious metals such as gold, and feathers from local, remote, and migratory birds. these were traditional defensive armament of Aztecs
ya the aztec symbol is a chimali shield… but this is a Aztec subfaction so now worries

Imperial age : Quetzelcoatls spirit : if a unit is being converted by enemy monks it will get speed and damage boost

History : basically Tarascans were more devoted to Quetzecoal than Aztecs and Tlaxcalans (another subfaction i will cover later) . Their priests made frequent sacrifice to Quetzecoatl .This gave more moral to Tarascan warrior
Quetzecoatl the serpent god

Unique unit : Quetzalcoatls chose : faster ,cheaper and weaker version of jaguar warrior
Food : 50
Gold : 15
Training time : 15 sec
HP : 30 elite : 55
Attack : 8 , elite : 10
Attack bonus : +8 elite : +10 vs infantry
+8 vs codottiero
rest are same as jaguar warrior
pierce armor : 0. elite : 1
Melee armor : 1 elite :2
speed : 2

And as for visayan from my previous civ concept -New civ idea - Visayans
you can add them as Malay subfaction …


Tarascans were the second largest state after Aztecs among the Mesoamericans. Historically one of the greatest rivals of the Aztec Empire. They were in the position of defeating the Aztecs to become the preeminent power in all of Cemanahuac. The Tarascan empire blocked Aztec expansion to the northwest, and the Tarascans fortified and patrolled their frontiers with the Aztecs. Due to its relative isolation within Mesoamerica, the Tarascan state had many cultural traits completely distinct from those of the Mesoamerican cultural group.

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Where are the civilization bonuses? The UU seems ununique.

It’s an Inca Unique Tech

This faction is a subfaction of Aztecs, they share same civ bonuses… UU is cheaper and weaker version of jaguar warrior

Ok then Ill change it

Some Tarascan civ concepts which aren’t sub factions:


ya but many will argue aztecs already cover Tarascans… and as the game it is now its more easy to make subfactions than creating separate new faction, you can add new faction without removing one… but yeah if you want to create totally new faction then these reddit concepts are great

They were different…

I’d compare Tarascans to ingame Mayans instead of Aztecs

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Tarascans were not Aztecs. They actually beat the azyecs a number of times.

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So they should be Mayan subfaction?

I mean Tarascans had very strong archery.

Can you check my New Civ ideas post and tell me if i should exchange Tarascan and Tlaxcalan UU ?