NEW Civilization

What do you think will be the next civilization that will be in the game? And how long will it take them to add more,
I thought about how very good and interesting they can be
Spain or portugal

What do you think?

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Byzantines are a fan request for a while now, especially since they weren’t bundled with the Ottomans.


I think it may depend on whether they’ll release new campaigns with them as well. For example, Norse and Japanese are fan favourites and could easily have campaigns involving French, English, Rus, Mongols and China.

If they are only releasing new civilizations, then I’m hoping for Incan and Tibetan empires.


España o Portugal porque eran grandes reinos mundiales. No tenerlos en el juego es inquietante.


Maybe Vikings and Japanese…

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España o Portugal porque eran grandes reinos mundiales. No tenerlos en el juego es inquietante.

Sí,pero eso en la Edad Moderna, en el Medievo sería Castilla y Portugal…


aztecs + spain

in that order.


1).- Japón as *“Japan”
Unique Units: Katana Samurai, Yari Samurai, Bushi (Mounted Archer), Bo-hiya (Replaced Trebushet and act as Aoe3 Arrow-Knight, evolves to use a musket to throw the fire-arrows), Tekkousen and Red Seal Ship.

2).- España como “Kingdom of Castilla and Aragon”
Unique units: Jinete, Almogavar, Missionary, Tercio Arquebusier, Spanish Galleon

3).- Incas, as “Incas”
Unique units: Chasqui, Andean Slinger, Jungle Bowman, Cuzco Royal Guard, Chimú Maceman, Wood-Swordman, Liwi Thrower, Acllas, Manco’s Cavalry
Shared units: spearman, mace warrior, runner, jabelin thrower, Sun priest (monk)

4).- Aztecs, as “Aztecs”
Unique units: Warrior Priest, Jaguar warrior, Eagle warrior, Otontin slinger, Short One, Tlacochcalcatl (Skull-Knight, but now is as the Khan, a general)
Shared units: spearman, mace warrior, runner, Atlatl’s jabelin thrower, tracker, slinger (normal), archer.

5).- Maya, az “Maya”
Unique Units: Mayan Noble Spearman, Priest of Kukulkan, Hornet Throwers, Mayan gunners.
Shared units: spearman, mace warrior, runner, Atlatl’s jabelin thrower, tracker, slinger (normal), archer.


  • Bizantines as “Eastern Roman Empire”
    Unique units: Cataphract, Varangian Guard, Greek-Fire Ship, Flamethrowers.

  • Portugal as “Portugal”
    Unique units: Besteiro de Conto, Military Order Knight, Fusileiro, Caravel

  • Marruecos as “Morocco”
    Unique units: Moravide (Warrior Monk), Zenata Rider, Marinid Royal Guard, Saadi Dragoon "

  • South India as “Viyajanagara Empire”
    Unique Units: Urumi Swordman, Kata swordmen, Chakram Thrower, Raj War Elephant

There are others, but I have recently make a Civ Concept of Japan and I would like that they add them and get inspiration of my civ concept (Japan Civilization Concept for AoEIV_ by GoldenArmorX).

I would also like to make another civ concepto about… oh, ¿Has no one figured out which civilization in my April Fool Joke Civ Concept? (Great Tartary - Civilization Concept for AoEIV _ by GoldenArmorX) Jeje, only Blast9867 knows, but i´m making another civ concept of one civ. related with his last concept. Let’s see if you guess what it will be.


Neither Portugal nor Spain were significant powers in medieval times given the situation in the muslim-dominated Iberia… and aoe4 is all about medieval times. I would find it compelling to see a Spanish kingdom added to the game. We need Byzance, maybe an Italian state like Venice or Genoa although they were maritime powers which makes it hard to justify when aoe4 is focused on land gameplay.

I think a good brand new pair would be the Byzantine Empire civ & Ethiopian Empire - they fit perfectly as counter to the Malians and Ottomans who were added to the game for free in October.

Then we would have 5 European civs, 5 Asian civs and 2 African civs.

a Spanish kingdom has no business being incorporated into a game about Medieval times, the Iberian peninsula was dominated by muslims up to the 15th century. Spanish conquest of America really began in the 16th century, which would clearly conflict with the spirit of the game as in-game imperial age ends at the beginning of the Renaissance. And since Mesoamerican civilizations would only make sense if the Spanish were added, it doesn’t make sense to add them either.

The Khmer Empire would make more sense than Japan, it was a much more developped civilization. Only pb: there hasn’t been any real conflict between the Khmer Empire and China nor with other existing civilizations in the game, whereas Japan has faced 2 invasion attempts by the Mongols -which is not much)). No real conflict with China throughout the middle ages either. But I guess we’ve got the Malians so I’m guessing it’s not such a problem in either case.

Byzance with a rich history of conflicts (and alliances) with in-game civilisations as varied as the Abbassids, the Rus’, the French, and the Ottomans, is the obvious choice. Venice would also make sense if Byzance was added (with conflicts and alliances with the French, the Byzantines, the Ottomans), but kinda hard to incorporate a maritime power into a game so heavily focused on land.

Yes, that’s why Castilla and Portugal, but nothing more…

But that would prevent us from having Aztecs and Incas in the game…

say it to aoe2. cause aoe4 follow close path with aoe2 in terms of time period.

I’ve made prediction based on my knowledge of: auditory, diversity, importance, and interaction between campaign and new mechanics . Considering 2-3 civs per DLC… and my wants for civs to be released.

Do you prediction and after DLC i will come to the thread and remind you how wrong you was.
Apparently i do not care about “your” reasoning of my opinion. cause it’s literally useless.

make your prediction and we will compare the winner

What campaigns could the Japanese have that could “easily” involve anybody else?

Yes it’s unfortunate but they were present in AOE2 and AOE3. AOE4 is focused on Europe and Asia, or Eurasia as the Mongols connect the two regions, having fought against the Rus’ as much as the Abbassids, Delhi and China. I find it really elegant and it creates a whole coherence for the game based on the mutual and multiple influences of all these different civilizations in the great destiny of powers between the West and the East. In my opinion it should remain so!.

There are still many more civilizations to explore in this gigantic region of the world during the middle ages before disrupting this coherence by exploring the Renaissance and a new continent.

Oh yeah it’s completely possible that it happens, I just wish it doesn’t because imo it just does not make sense. Also, do we acc have information about the upcoming of a DLC?.. they incorporated Ottomans and Malians directly into the game. If it is a DLC, then I would think it’s alright that they add Mesoamerican civilizations as well as the Spanish. Still think there’s more to explore in medieval Europe and Asia which would keep the universe of the game coherent rather than exploring the Americas’ history.

And you need to chill out a bit there’s nothing to win and I was not making a prediction lmao

Really nothing except the two attempts at invasion by the Sino-Mongol Yuan Empire which happened in 1274 and 1281. Except for these two events, the campaign around Japan could only be centered around Japan, which is not very promising even though many Japan fans wish they are the next upcoming civilzation.

what are you even saying I was NOT making a prediction, just stating what I thought would be the best for the game?? lmao

We’ve exchanged three replies so far, but I haven’t seen any of your statements yet. Based on this, it appears that your intention is to criticize the opinions of others.
Share your opinion so that we can revisit it after the DLC is released and compare it with the developers’ vision.

I’m not criticizing anything, I’ve just exposed some ideas that I think would be benefitial for the future of the game. You didn’t comment them, you just keep on repeating the same thing that I’ve answered in my first response, you’re being needlessly condescending and none of your responses have added any value to the discussion. I will not engage further in exchanging with you.

You’ve been giving excuses instead of providing any significant answers. Your reasoning holds no weight, much like economists who suggest investing in gold or bitcoin but never act on their own advice. Be responsible and take ownership of your analysis by providing your predictions.