Next Civ to get reworked on

Personally, I think the updates should be:

  • 1st: Portuguese
  • 2nd: Dutch
  • 3rd: Indians
  • 4th: Ottomans
  • 5th: Japanese
  • 6th: Germans
  • 7th: Russians
  • 8th: French

Lol, I’ve noticed another weird thing: ever since DE was released, the Portuguese Artillery Hitpoints Card (that buffs Artillery’s Health by 15% and Grenade Troopers’ Health by an impressive 30%) went from being a TEAM card to a regular buff card, which means, since Portuguese can’t train Grenadiers by default, you either have to send the Grenade Launcher Card, play in a European map that has access to the House of Wettin or get lucky with the Mercenary roster at the Tavern (aka: get Giant Grenadiers) in order to reap the full benefits of this card. :rofl:


Portuguese if the next dlc is Brazil, Indians if the next dlc is Persia and Oman…

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The Peru revolution has infantry that can use this card too

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When is the next PUP up?

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After the Peacemaker event ends.

Not in the loop, when does that end?
Edit: nevermind check the patch notes. September 1st.

Is this confirmed? (20 chars)

No. Wishful thinking

Only it’s confirmed what it’s written on “What’s next on the horizon”, on the end of patch notes.

A lot of these don’t really need a rework at all.

The biggest priority would be as follows:

  1. India - Needs a complete overhaul to split it into Mughals, Mysoreans, and Marathas

  2. Portugal - give em something other than Organ Guns

  3. Inca - Their original design of being an Aztec clone crammed full of gimmicks with no connection reality is truly baffling. The real life Inca were an adaptable people who were able to master European weapons before their eventual final collapse from disease and Spanish conquest.

  4. Ottomans - On their own Ottomans are fine but I think there’s opportunity to create a new template of “Islamic Civs” and Ottomans could be adjusted to fit that. Moroccans, Omanis, Persians, and Uzbeks, could all fit this mold. Mughals, Hausa, and Ottomans could also be half Islamic and half Asian/African/European. They could share features like Emir heroes, Caravanserai instead of Taverns, Mosques, and Bombards instead of Falconets.

Other than these, there are some reworks that should happen that should affect multiple civs.

  1. Scrap the “fur trade” with the tribal marketplace. The fact that Hauds need to build an outhouse next to a mine to get coin turns off most people from playing them.

  2. Get rid of the Asian Monks

None of the rest of the civs really need a major overhaul. Just a few updated cards to give them access to some of the new units that have been added to the game.


Regarding your priorities:

  1. Complete India rework would be my desired one, but I can only see it being reworked as the ‘Mughal Empire’ as a free update for the base game. If we want the Marathan and Mysoreans in any form, they’d have to be separate DLC civs. As been mentioned, ‘India’ is just the British East India Company - it would be far more appropriate as the Mughal Empire with a ‘Revolution’ (renamed to something more appropriate) when allied with the British called ‘Company Rule’. Then you can bring in Sepoys (Bandukchi would be their standard musketeers) and whatnot as they were native soldiers trained under foreign officers/rule.

  2. Again, good suggestion, especially with the little changes such as those for the Taverns.

As for Asian monks, yeah make them them healers, the monasteries equal to churches and give them equivelents to taverns. Asian leaders or ‘war heros’ for their hero units.

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I disagree. Portugal needs a major overhaul.


Oh yeah, you’re right. I totally meant to add them to the list :man_facepalming:

I’ve put them in there now

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I think that devs wont split india. Civs in AoE3 arent like AoE2 ones. Doing that would erase the identity of the current civ cause HC cards would be removed or units changed, same for wonders.

In case they share some units as you are saying the uniqueness of the civ would dissapear


Oh absolutely, considering they are part of the original base game they’re totally deserving of a much needed rework first.

They could do with Falconets (after all, historically they used them greatly and produced them too).

Organ Guns are a little too old for this era unless used in Eastern Europe (Poles, Cossacks and Russians used them in the earlier part of AoE3’s timespan), so either rename them Volley Guns as a very easy fix (Volley Guns appear throughout, but never huge amounts) or give the Portuguese the Berços - a Portuguese swivel gun and crew. Functionally it would be anti infantry firing grapeshot at medium to close range, though not multiple like the Organ Gun.

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That’s the point.

They can rename cards like “British East India Company” and “The Raj”.

India also has the most bland wonders around. A fort, a peace treaty, and a crappy aura aren’t much to miss. And that’s assuming they’d all follow the wonder template.

They could also preserve elements of India in each civ. For example, Mughals could play similarly to early game India and Maratha could play similarly to treaty/late game India.

I prefer the current India over 2 civs that are learners of everithing and masters of nothing.

Removing wonders from asian civs doesnt make sense as its their feature, thats for another game. Most of us fell in love with the game since 2005, yall cant remove everithing and call it defenitive edition if is unrecognizable.

Just give and rename some cards as every civ is getting in each patch to be more accurate, but dont destroy the civ


If they were split into 3 civs, not every successor would have be an “Asian Civ”. Mughals could follow a new Islamic template.

-In my opinion, India and the ottomans need major changes but even if they make a Persia dlc it would be good if they did the rework there, maybe the next could be ports or dutch because honestly, they don’t need big changes.
I think they should leave the Germans last since they need to be remade to make them more identifiable, not like the strange mix they are right now between Prussians, Austrians, and Poles with Czech units etc…
I don’t think that dividing India between Marathas and Mughuls is a good idea, I think that the current vision of India is identifiable with the current conception of the Indian nation. Probably adding the Mysorean rockets and various other changes would suffice.

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Unfortunately Portugal does need big changes, to, at the very least, be Portugal, not the frankenstein you have in game.

Starting with: It should peak at fortess age, not imperial.

Instead of free TC, a Feitoria, working similar to an agra fort, where it could train natives and a couple european units.

Less focus on goons and cacadores, and more into Halberds, musketers, breach cannon.

Replace organ gun with breach loading cannon. One shot aoe damage.

Unique Ship. Portugal developed Caravels, carracks and square rigged caravels.

Aventureiros Card.

Remove mameluks as mercs, replace it with british ironsides.

The explorer should be a melee unit with montante and buff the infantry in some aspect.