Next Indian civilization?

Considering that the Delhi Sultanate is the first South Asian civilization to be featured in Age of Empires 4, which one of these potential civilizations from the same region do you think the developers will add next?

  • Chola Dynasty
  • Gurjara-Pratihara
  • Pala Empire
  • Rashtrakuta Dynasty
  • Vijayanagara Empire

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Delhi sultanate is more of a Persian Civilization than being a Indian Civilization.

You’re right but the reason I referred to the Delhi Sultanate as an Indian civilization is because the Delhi Sultanate ruled over the Indian Subcontinent.

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It started from Afghanistan and moved to India in last ages. The game states it is based on Ghorids and they speak Persian through all the ages.

They do speak Persian. This empire was a Persianized empire.

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To be honest I want all those Civs. Pala Gurjara Rashtrakuta Chola will all be different from each other. They will speak Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil respectively.

But I selected Vijayanagar for more recognisability factor.

These will also differ gameplay wise as shown in AoE2
Gurjaras = Camel Horse Chakram
Palas = Heavily Elephants Monks
Cholas = Navy Infantry
Vijayanagar = Gunpowder Imported Arabian Horse

I feel it would have to be a southern Indian civilization since the Delhi Sultanate represents the north. Also, a Hindu civilization would be welcome since we already have a few Muslim ones. So either Chola, Vijayanagara, or Rashtrakuta for me. Probably Chola since the other two have rather long names.


Now perhaps, when other civilizations that used elephants in warfare gets added, the War Elephant will most certainly definitely be a regional unit instead of a unique unit. I do imagine the Cholas for example, having the War Elephant. Also, speaking of Cholas being about infantry and navy, some good unique units for them include the Urumi Swordsman (which can be the replacement for the Man-At-Arms) and as well as a unique naval unit.

I don’t know too much about any of those besides what was in DoI, but I went with Chola :stuck_out_tongue:

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Delhi was Turkic origined thou. Until Ludi dynasty sultanate ruled by turkic origined people but persian culture was very strong and influential.Basically its turkic-persian-indian mix.

Would say they are 10% Turkic, 70% Persian, 20% Indian.

Which is why it would be good to see a full-on Indian Subcontinent-located civilization to be added and most certainly, it can be representing a Hindu or Buddhist empire.

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How did you forget Chariot?

Dravidians is not just Cholas. But okay. I can understand the context.

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What this is supposed to be is the Dravidians being split into many civs here in AoE4 though I can kind of understand what you mean though.

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Ooh yeees mon favourite rathaaa :two_hearts:

Rathas are fantastic and great.


Chola and Vijayanagara are both a little offset from the AOE timeframe. Chola ends in 1200s which is before the Ottomans even begin. Vijayanagara begins in 1300s which is a little late, but I can see them doing what they did with the Ottomans and drawing inspiration from previous Deccan Hindu dynasties. Overall if I had to pick I would say Vijayanagara fits better with the theme of AOE4 imo since it’s a good ‘rival’ to the Delhi sultanate and it can easily justify having gunpowder units in Imp.

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I think it’s fine to feature the Chola Dynasty because of how significant of an empire from South India it was.

It’s going to be good to feature another civ from this subcontinent.