Now all the landmarks in Chinese are useless//Suggestions on the revision

The supervision skills of bell tower cannons and imperial officials have been weakened, Chinese units have been weakened again and again, and all Chinese landmarks have become useless.

However, other aspects of China have not been strengthened, so it is suggested to appropriately strengthen the role of Chinese landmarks.
The cost performance of the Ming Dynasty is too low, with extremely high gain and extremely low income. Even so, there are still people clamoring to weaken the Grenadier. All units with Chinese characteristics are not even as powerful as the original general units. Does specialization mean weakening the version for China?

From the beta version to the present, almost all units and features in China have been weakened, and they have been directly reduced to mediocrity, or even worse than general units

I feel that the current fire spear is really unnecessary compared with riders. It is not as practical as the grassland cavalry of Empire III, but it needs the high start-up cost of the Yuan Dynasty.

First of all, you are welcome to actively participate in the discussion and express your views!

In fact, generally speaking, there is no special Dynasty unit of the Chinese , and the cost for short is too high.

At this stage, the cost of Chinese entering the dynasty is too high, but the actual gain is very mediocre. The most important thing is that this gain can not be superimposed,after entering other dynasties, it didn’t exist. It was too loss-making, and the income and cost were seriously out of proportion,Therefore, it is suggested to reduce the cost of the second landmark of Chinese .

There are two options:

Scheme A:

All second landmarks are half price.

Scheme B:

Age2 landmark cost - 25%

Age3 landmark cost - 50%

Age4 landmark cost - 75%

As we all know, except for “astronomic clocktower”, the gain of other landmarks in China is very poor. The following is the modification scheme for specific landmarks:

“Barbican of the Sun”

Like the castle landmarks of other civilizations, add subsequent springald and cannon upgrades.

“Imperial Palace”

The current use is too single and has little significance for China’s defensive civilization. Since it is a palace, it should be connected with the palace guards. The palace guards produced here can reduce the price or increase the training speed.

“Great Wall Gatehouse”

The impact range of the current version of Great Wall gateway is too small. The attack bonus of Great Wall gateway should have no distance limit before it is really practical. And is it a little too late for Great Wall gateway to appear in Age4? It is recommended to exchange positions with astronomic clocktower.

In short, the effect of Chinese landmarks is generally mediocre and boring, and the routine is single. The choice of the first landmark is almost fixed, which directly leads to the game routine and no flexibility. I believe this is recognized by everyone, so we can also strengthen Chinese landmarks and change the era position of landmarks.


In this era, China belongs to a weak period.

Focus on early defense:

“Barbican of the Sun”

Focus on economic development:

“Imperial Academy”


China in this era should be the period with the most flexible tactics.

Focus on medium-term attack:

“Imperial Palace”

Focus on medium-term defense:

“Great Wall Gatehouse”


China in this era should be defensive counterattack and economic pull.

Focus on artillery attack:

“Astronomical Clocktower”

Focus on multi arms mixed production and large-scale mass production:

“Spirit Way”

Of course, it would be best if all these suggestions can be adopted, but the production team can also adopt and refer to some of them. Thank you!


Well just look at all of my suggestions. I talked about Landmarks aswell.

Dynasty buildings in general should stay unlocked. Makes no sense to lose access to them. You can’t tell us the villager suddenly forgot how to build villages in Yuan Dynasty even as they keep walking by and hiding inside villages from enemy raids.


I wouldn’t have problem with landmark prices being full if the dynasty bonuses were always active when entering to dynasty and not getting overwritten by new dynasty.

Good change

Accetable but still makes tax collection and this whole landmark bad.

Gatehouse is still ■■■■ landmark no matter what they do to it if its not completely reworked and fixed.

Spirit way should work in way that it allows training of dynasty units at rate xx rate. For example works as 3x production without IO. This allows china access to dynasty units more easily with less production that can be put around it, also doesn’t limit the spirit way bonus to just to archer ranges or stables.


I agree.
Buff China.
Early game China is weak.


you understand this is gonna be insanely OP right?

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“Barbican of the Sun” should shoot lasers equal to the number of units garrisoned.

“Imperial Academy” should make one Imperial official every 5 second/

“Imperial Palace” should reveal entire map.

“Astronomical Clocktower” should be able to train machine guns.

“Great Wall Gatehouse” should be indestructible.

“Spirit Way” should produce units for free in building around the landmark.

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You not buffing it, You just making it to be invincible

As I have said, these suggestions do not need to be fully adopted. Some are indeed OP, but some are appropriately strengthened.

As I have said, these suggestions do not need to be fully adopted. Some are indeed OP, but some are appropriately strengthened…

As I have said, these suggestions do not need to be fully adopted. Some are indeed OP, but some are appropriately strengthened…

We don’t expect all of these suggestions to be adopted. We just hope they can help the production team provide some ideas when revising China!

Ok, so i think Imperial Academy should collect the tax without IO, Barbacan is ok, maybe it need to be a bit stronger. Imperial Palace… i dont know it needs a total redesign it is so useless, make it a eco landmark. Spirit way… hmm i think its ok, maybe a buff to prod time too. Great Wall Gate… its just ■■■■ all the way. Clocwork is a bit OP, but hey take it away and whats left ?

Building speed also should be improved so that vills instantly build them

Also firelancers are too weak, they need more siege, also add 10 ranged and melee armor along with buffing their hp

It is too early to discuss this issue before the publishing of plan of the siege modifications, how about wait a little much longer?

“Barbican of the Sun” - Too weak, useless against rams. Needs faster attack.
“Imperial Academy” - Should remove cooldown on tax collection for buildings, or automatically collect tax for those in range.

“Astronomical Clocktower” - Too strong, needs to go from 50% down to ~25%
“Imperial Palace” - in a good place. People are just using it wrong, should be at the front lines since the sight range is ridiculous.

“Great Wall Gatehouse” - Underwhelming. Should also slowly automatically repair all walls.
“Spirit Way” - Ok as it is. Could possible use a larger radius affect area

Now all the landmarks in China are useless


China to trashcan tier

Really only 3 Civ after patch worth playing. I’ll let you guess which ones. All the rest are a handicap and lose



Chinese players after the patch.


agree with you. It’s ridiculous for people to forget the technology of the last dynasty.