Please add the "supascreenshot" feature!

I remember using that feature on Age of Empires II, and it would be cool if you add a hotkey for a wholemap screenshot.

I really like to compare a map at the very start of the game, and then take another one to see how it ended.


Yes! it’s a shame that with the great new graphics we can’t do this


Hopefully they consider this


This was a great feature in The Conquerors, and I think it’s a shame that it isn’t available in DE. (Can you even do it in HD? I didn’t play HD much so have no idea.) I’d spend much more time in the scenario editor if this was possible.

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Wasn’t possible in HD either, unfortunately.

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To me it seems quite weird to remove a feature like that, but I guess I don’t know how closely HD is based on The Conquerors.

I suggested this back in 2019. Cysion gave an answer in an AoE Zone interview:


Absolutely. It’s like a downgrade…

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing!

But as someone said before: With Capture Age partnership, would it really be that difficult to add?
I mean, that was like 3 years ago. Maybe they can add this now?

Devs please, consider adding this feature


They changed the way the game was rendered in HD and even more so in DE.
This very likely completely broke that feature. They would have to completely reimplement it from scratch to work in the new system.

They didn’t just remove it randomly.

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That makes sense, and matches up with the quote of Cysion.

I do wonder why they did this at all though. They changed the way the terrain was rendered (it used to use pre-rendered isometric tiles, and they switched to using textures), but to me, the terrain in HD looks much worse than in AoK: it’s grainy/fuzzy and doesn’t interact smoothly with scrolling. On the other hand, using textures makes it much easier to mod terrains and add new ones, so maybe that’s why.

I was never a big fan of HD, I barely played it at all. All the graphical “improvements” felt pretty mediocre.
But the Definitive Edition is a whole different story. It looks amazing.

I think Capture Age has it’s own 3D renderer that reimplements everything.
It would add a relatively big extra load on the game to have capture age run in the background constantly just for big screenshots.
Just starting it up for a screenshot could be a possibility though, not sure how hard that would be to implement. It would obviously take a little time.

Especially as a feature for the scenario editor it would be really cool. It would help planing out the map layout and making promotional art.
I already used capture age in that way.
I copied a Capture Age screenshot onto my tablet to draw funny lines on the map I made to figure out a good position for player bases, river crossings, primary and secondary mission target locations and so on.

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For all of the improvements that DE made over HD, graphics is one of the things I’m iffy on. It’s obviously much higher definition, but it’s also a lot more drab and less colorful. I can make a jungle with a lot of different objects and stuff in HD and make it really pop, but if I moved it to DE, all that color would be lost. The real world is colorful, so I don’t know why all the saturation is gone.

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Well, all HD did was rendering the water differently and having a different fire effect for burning buildings

Unless you use the enhanced graphics, it’s not actually higher definition – sprite sizes are exactly the same. Ironically, the main technical improvement is that it supports a greater range of colours (AoK/HD only supported 256 colours). The change to .SLD format boosted the saturation in a lot of cases. I understand where you’re coming from, but I think the main example is the palm/jungle trees, which had very bright green leaves in AoK/HD.

It also rendered and blended ground terrain differently, and had different cliff graphics and an incorrectly scaled farm texture.

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Oh, HD did more than just that, particularly with terrain rendering. The Steam Workshop is full of terrain mods in large part because it was much easier to make them for HD.


Yes please! I loved those screenshots.


Oh okay. I thought HD was basically just a port to make the game work on Win 7 with a few visual adjustments

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