Please change the model of Arquebusier , Steppe_rider and Changdao

Hello, I’m a Chinese player of AOE3. I’ve played this game for 17 years and I like it very much. For some Chinese arms (Arquebusier, Changdao and Steppe rider), the appearance is wrong and does not conform to history. I suggest that through simple modification, without adding new models, we can make Chinese arms more beautiful and more in line with history,Although it can be achieved through mod, I think I can see these changes when playing multiplayer games.

  1. Arquebusier火绳枪兵
    The hairstyle of the Arquebusier is wrong. The army of the Qing Dynasty would not have such a hairstyle, and it doesn’t look like a regular army. It is suggested to add a hat (keshik_hat_rank02) to him, which is more in line with history

    Arquebusier’s hat of Ara4/5 is wrong. I know you have referred to historical portraits, but the hat should have red lines. I modeled it (with Chukonu hat), but it still needs new modeling, so it can also be changed to the hat of (keshik_hat_rank02)


2 Steppe rider
The hair style of the Steppe rider is wrong. He looks a bit like a monk and a bandit. He is not a regular army. It is suggested to add keshik_hat_rank03 to him. This is a Mongolian hat, which looks more beautiful with it.


3. Changdao

I have to say that the Changdao is most handsome one, but you have a model hidden. Please make full use of model resources -. I suggest enabling this model

不得不说,长刀兵是最帅的一个兵种了,但是你们有一个模型被隐藏了,可以参考这篇文章[[Please make full use of model resources],我建议把这个模型启用

As stated in this article, you should make full use of models. In order to prevent waste, I suggest applying models of long knives and muskets in era 2. Through the reform of the new army, the appearance will be automatically changed with the upgrade


I really hope the production team can adopt my opinion. These changes will not take much time, but will bring a better experience. Please adopt, thank you!


I prefer to change the Chinese Rattan Shield into a tiger-clothed rattan soldier. In this way, it is better to distinguish it from the units of Shaolin Temple. as Chinese mercenaries. Shaolin Temple units can be changed to Shaolin monks holding long sticks


The Shaolin stick is the most practical for the monk soldiers of the Shaolin Temple. The most conventional weapon is more suitable for representing Shaolin culture than the shield. The shield soldiers are generally the most special forces in Chinese history. The most famous are the Fujian rattan players during the Kangxi period, who wore tiger-like clothes and fought against the Cossacks.


I very much agree with your suggestion to make full use of model resources.

However, I don’t think this is appropriate, because the probability of issuing the “new army” card is not high, and the model is actually wasted, so I think the more perfect solution is to move the current version of era4 model to era5, and then move the non enabled model to era4, while the model of era3 remains unchanged.

I like the idea of making Rattan Shields into mercenaries. There currently aren’t any shock infantry mercenaries so it would add some diversity.

Chinese maps could retain a shock infantry unit by adding in a Triad/Hongmen/Tiandihui outlaw.

My preference would be to make Shaolin Monks a Chinese unit that replaces Disciples. It would be a lot simpler than having a Shaolin Master, Disciple, and Shaolin Monk native.

The Shaolin Temples could just be replaced with Confucian and/or Taoist Temples. And a Theravada Temple with War Elephants could also be added so there’s still two types of Buddhist Temples.


I’d also like the monk heroes to be replaced with military units. Or at least for the Asian civs to have the monk hero plus a military hero, like Mexicans with the general and the padre (though I also dislike civs not having generic healers when they have a healer hero, which happens with both Mexicans and Asian civs).

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I don’t think the Asians should have religious hero healers at all, even if they also got a military hero. For Mexico, the Padre makes sense since there were priests like Miguel Hidalgo and José Morelos who were revolutionary leaders. Even the Europeans would be better suited for religious heroes if you consider figures like Cardinal Richelieu.

The only instance where an Asian civ should get a religious hero would be if China got a revolution option to become the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. In that case, a religious healer hero based on Hong Xiuquan could make sense.


I don’t want monk heroes, that was just my compromise lol

I still think civs with monk/priest heroes should get generic healers tho


Yes, it looks much better

Great work bro I personally use a similar mod when playing skirmisher battles and it does make Chinese gameplay more realistic. Villagers have the same problem copied straight from Japan which just shows the lack of care from the devs. Qing dynasty brigandine armor in game just looks way too off especially the leg armor covering the full back and not the front are wrong and should be rotated, but ay what’s not wrong with China lmao.

I have attached some Qing dynasty painting of the ten great campaign and taiping rebellion if you need it for a guild.

(Qing soldiers during the taiping rebellion)

(photo of one of my personal suit of Qing brigandine armor)


yo I actually like this idea :joy:


哈哈不是 只能说对历史比较感兴趣吧 :joy:


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I adore any transition away from the default and towards more historically accurate Qing dynasty units. I grave Qing bannermen in this game, like I would pay for a DLC pack to make the Chinese units more Qing-like and even make the Ming like ones more accurate. Man, I would also pay for the Manchu mercenary to be default for the Chinese.

@SummerNutria26 Is your avatar Li Hongzhang? It sure looks like him.

As a historian of China (though my period of study is the Han dynasty) who has played this game since it first came out in what, 2004? 2005? I’ve been dying for more historically accurate looking units and the devs have been giving us just that but not for the Asian civs, I think it’s time for a cosmetic update. Well, actually India got one, and it make the Sowar and Zamburak or whatever it’s called look much more like Mughal units.

I would love for the Meteor Hammer have not nearly as ugly armor.

Oh and on top of that, we KNOW the Qing official uniform is already an asset in the game, in the Chinese home city, you can see Bannermen in changshan walking around, with their bianzi, they’re already in the game. Put a musket in their hand and a dao on their belt.

It would also be cool to have more ethnic units, like the Mongol Keshik and Manchu are cool but they should add Tibetans as a minor native civ. I would LOVE for the Zunghar/Oirats to get put in too. Same with the Vietnamese or the Javanese.

@napoleongggg I must say again, I love your suggestions.

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well, I don’t have any hope that the production team will adopt my suggestions, so I made two mods, which you can search"Revise the Chinese to the style of Ming Dynasty-MP"and"Multiplayer compatible Revise the Chinese arms to the style of the Qing Dynasty‘’,this two mod is Multiplayer compatible,enjoy it and Give me good reviews


i like your suggestions ,Are you Chinese?

I do like the choice between the Ming and Qing uniforms but as someone who believes the height of Asian fashion was the Qing dynasty, I may be downloading that mod soon lol.

and no, I am not Chinese, I’ve spent the vast majority of my long life now studying China, but my actual concentration is on the Qin-Han-Three Kingdoms period, but after those periods, the Qing is my next favorite. My Mandarin is pathetic now since I graduated like…8 years ago. I have no one to speak it with so I can only read it somewhat well. Apparently my degree makes me a Sinologist, but my job sure doesn’t…

i made a new mod named Revise the Chinese to the style of Qing Eight Banners(For Fun),have a try

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I’m all for any changes to China to make them appear more authentic, rather than the very broad and eclectic range of looks we have now.