Polls: New Arabia vs Old Arabia?

Just a few polls I thought would be interesting.

NOTE: Old Arabia refers to Arabia in patch 50292 and New Arabia refers to Arabia in patch 51737. I am not including other iterations of Arabia in these polls to keep them simple.

Which version of Arabia do you prefer?
  • Old Arabia
  • New Arabia
  • No Preference

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Which versions of Arabia do you like to play on?
  • Old Arabia
  • New Arabia
  • Both versions of Arabia
  • Neither Arabia
  • No Preference

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Should the old and new versions of Arabia separate maps?
  • Yes, they should be two maps
  • No, only one Arabia
  • No Preference

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If both versions were separate maps, should they both be in ranked permanently?
  • Yes, both should always be in ranked
  • No, only Old Arabia should always be in ranked
  • No, only New Arabia should always be in ranked
  • No, I don’t like either version of Arabia
  • No Preference

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I like the older Arabia more than the new one, but I still didn’t like the old one compared to Voobly’s.

I would be fine with 1 “fair Arabia” and 1 “random Arabia”. That would also have the side effect that Arabia would now be weighted more than other maps in the pool, which makes sense since it is by far the most popular map.

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the duality of the forums…

iaw polls dont mean much, especially with such small sample sizes…

anyway reddit seems heavily in favour of the old arabia,(going by likes) with vocals swinging it the other way (same people contesting different posts)…

Voobly Arabia pls… … …20 chars…

I figured out an interestic pattern. Every time this thread is on top, the “old arabia” goes up. If it falls down the “new arabia” closes in.

where can i vote for the actually old arabia? you know, the real version of the map with random positions

not either of these dumbed-down versions where people get to pick where they spawn

i preferred the old games where people played civs like mongols/china and made like 3-5 different units throughout the game and had to worry about managing risk/reward/short-term/long-term/trading instead of just picking civs like franks/britons and spamming a single unit from start to finish


Speaking about spam, the topic is Arabia, not position picking… And literally every post I’ve seen of you in the past MONTH is complaining about position picking on topics that have nothing related.

Lithuanian buff thread:

Other Arabia thread:

Blast furnace thread:

I don’t mind you complaining about position picking but can you do that in appropriate topics, or even better, create it yourself?

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i’m talking about ARABIA as someone who has probably played more than 10,000 ARABIA teamgames

the new ARABIA fails to deliver the same level of depth + strategy + variety + replayability as old ARABIA. huns got nerfed. mongols got nerfed. chinese got nerfed. that should make ARABIA better, right? but no, ARABIA is even worse than ever.

when i try to answer why, my conclusion is that the reason ARABIA has become a shallow map because the new version lets civs choose where they spawn. therefore, my vote is to play on the old ARABIA (where spawns were random) instead of the aoe2de ARABIA (where spawns are not random)

we want to play age of empires 2, not age of alt+f4. a quarter of the people have ARABIA banned (rightly so, because the balance is atrocious with 192 hp paladins in back and arbalest factories in front), and another quarter is dodging to play on ARABIA

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I can’t totally relate, because I see Arabia, and indeed pretty much all the maps as 1v1 maps, not really a fan of team games, due to how they tend to take longer, but this does seem like a reasonable thing to fix. It would be nice to just randomly order the players in their positions, without them being able to pick the civ and position that they want. However, that is kind of off-topic for this post and I would recommend starting a new thread of your own if you are really that concerned about it rather than just commenting on largely unrelated threads.