Purely hypothetical Ideas for new trash units

Mostly that they are not quite bad vs ranged umits. Tbh its not a massive deal and its prob fine too but I prefer their current design

Its still way too little I think. I would prob prefer to go full light cav and maybe mix some skirms

What? They are kinda strong against archers and CA. Ok they don’t completely dominate, but they beat both in a cost efficient fight. Ofc they are kinda countered by skirms as a CA type unit. But otherwise they are still basically as strong as they are currently, just a bit differen with better rof but lowe HP. And they are way faster than currently.

Actually they are better with my design bec of the higher speed and range than they are currently, just with more Damage over Tankyness.

Edit: I did some calc and adjusted my Ratha design ever so slightly and gave just 5 HP more. It was indeed a bit weaker than the current version vs xbows. It still beated them, but not by a considerable margin. I don’t want to give it extra pierce armor cause with pathian tactics they would become so insanely powerful vs archers and CA in the lategame, that it would be total domination.

1 Hounds
-50 food
-Fast and deals a little extra damage to vills, no armor at all.
-Dogge skin needed

2 Falconeer
-85 food
-When idle for 3 seconds a hawk fly around with great vision range
-No damage
-Normal speed and def

3 Brawler
-65 food 10 wood
-10 sec in TC
-A better stat vill
-Quick meatshields in base

An infantry unit. Cheap, faster to train, good for harass. A kind of trash eagle warrior.

Feudal Age / Castle Age Upgrade (Elite)
HP: 35 / 45
Armor: MA 0 PA 1 / MA 0 PA 1
Attack: 4 / 7 (+2/+3 bonus vs Building)
ROF: 1.8
Speed: 1.15
Cost: 40 F 25 W
TT: 20 sec
Upgrade Cost: 200F 75G

Is affected by Supplies, Squires and Arson

Funny idea.
But i fear that this will make scrushes obsolete.
Also I don’t know what Gold unit it would synergizes with, it looks to me just like a solid standalone raiding unit.
And strong in trash wars also.

Maybe 4 attack is a little high for Feudal… 3 attack could work, because is -2 than scouts.

it’s actually more about the food cost, you could make basically 2 x as much of them as you can make scouts

I think the Problem with infantry is very complex. It took me also a while to bring the shieldman in a state where I think it is kind of balanced.
With infantry having so few usable counters especially gold efficient counters they have a very high risk of being completely broken with no or very low gold cost. And we must be very careful with designing them… at least how the game is currently designed.

Btw your design has very high similarity to the karambit actually.