QoL Suggestion - Improvement for game summary

I think it would be great to improve a game summary a little bit.
It is hard to quickly assess if a player gathered more of particular resource/treasures/experience or other stuff. In Old AoE3 these values were “grayed out”. Take a look into those pictures:

Current AoE3 DE summary:

Summary in old AoE3:

Don’t you think it would be very nice to have similar little detail back? :slight_smile:


It would be nice, could use bold font for the highest cell.

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The new game summary does feel like a bit of a step back from the old one.


Hi @mkaras92, I’ve added this to our database as a QoL suggestion. :cowboy_hat_face:


That’s good to hear :wink: I like that you are looking even in old topics to find some QoL suggestions provided by community. Thank you.

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I think that this feature was thought to be ingame clicking over each category name but it doesnt work, it moves players randomly.