Queue Dodging Timeout Feedback

When will they fix this bad product?

Good point bro, you shouldn’t have to take a 30 minute timeout if the game crashes during loading.

If the game crashes - do something about it. Report a bug, update your video drivers. Try starting a test skirmish game every day before going to multiplayer. Don`t make other players suffer because of your corrupted system environment.


played several thousand games with no issues. coddling this sub par solution isn’t helping anyone.

Well if you have one crash per thousand games that is negligible. Any multiplayer game is susceptible to crashes. Don`t you think 30 minutes wait once per 1000 games is not that much a price for stopping the alt+F4 abuse?

EDIT: 1 per several thousand games


One crash every thousand games?

I played TGs last weekend, one of my very first games after patch, the server crashed before loading screen, I know it was a server crash because my premades also got disconnected, and we all got a 5 minute TO. The irony, mind you, is that there is actually a trick to dodge the penalty, which we know (and which apparently you don’t know, since you naively believe Alt-F4’ers get punished in this patch), but the trick only works if you intentionally Alt-F4 and here it was a server crash, so we got royally pwn’d.

How strange is this forum. On one side we have the bug report forum filled with people complaining about unjustified penalties, but apparently most of those are salty Alt-F4’ers (strange, when a true Alt-f4’er can just delete TC to dodge the penalty). and on the other side, you guys who apparently can play 100s of games without a crash, claim that the queues are now much faster, yet you don’t even know that people can just delete TC to dodge penalty, sure, seems totally realistic.

My only guess is that some people here don’t play the game yet still feel entitled to comment. If you would at least be coherent, you could say that you like the idea behind the patch, but don’t say that Alt-F4’ers are being punished, or that queue times are faster, that is OBVIOUSLY false, because Alt-f4’ers are NOT being punished in the current iteration of the patch, they can still Alt-f4 like before, they just have to delete TC instead of Alt-f4’ing. The delete TC trick was published here within hours after the hotfix and I’ve seen people do it in ranked day 1, so anyone claiming that “queue times are faster” must be hit by severe placebo effect.

Right now the only people who are being punished are the ones who don’t know about the TC delete trick, aka people who legitimately disconnect, likely due to TG bugs. The server crash I described above is not a rare instance, I’ve got it in previous patches. This particular crash was reported here within days of after the hotfix Bug: penalty received for a game that did not start , it was probably reported before but nobody cared because one would just requeue and forget about it. The forum is filled with similar reports of bugs and crashes, I talk with friends who play this game and they also get the same bugs, I have no idea how you can think the game is stable. On top of game bugs, at every new patch one guy has to alt-f4 because he forgot to re-enable mods which reset after every patch (reported since November 2019 and still present for some reason, and no sorry we aren’t playing a 1-hour long match sandbagging and wasting APM looking at those large trees just so that someone can enjoy 5 min less time in the queue), several ones have got crashes in the queue due to consulting tech tree crashes (keeps re-appearing patch after patch despite devs saying they have fixed it) and then about 1/10th of the time when we get a game someone in the opposing team drops within 30 seconds.


I like how you try to talk for the majority eventho people that alt f4 and cheat the system by griefing others are the minority

Also if they fix the elo problems you might not need to dodge but still if you alt f4 you grief and deserve to be punished for it

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Alt-f4’ers are not punished, they can just delete TC to escape the penalty. Do you even play this game?

This is hand on heart the WORST addition to the game. Its so bad that I have reactivated my microsoft account, reset the password just to complain about it.

I actually think that devs are delusional. We are not “dodging lobbies” we are dropping from lobbies because of technical issues and random errors in your new matchmaking system.

I constantly get random no good errors like 0xffffff when match making is counting down.

Im on LTE if that matters, so I suspect that your new matchmaking system can’t handle the occasional dropped UDP package.

Still I think its so UNFAIR that I have to wait 30 minutes to try again now, because of technical issues that could be avoided by more robust coding (Like not using UDP in a lobby browser. Use UDP when you DONT CARE ABOUT DELIVERY or the message is TIME SENSITIVE. How time sensitive is a “player picked civ” or “player is ready” package in a lobby context?!)

I feel like this only punishes us that has technical issues with the matchmaking system. Technical issues which in all honestly shouldnt be there to begin with. Don’t tell me that my internet connection is more than capable of streaming 4K, playing AOE2, CS:GO, EFT and many other real time and FPS games, downloading with 140mbit/s but somehow it isn’t good enough to recieve a few update packages in a lobby / matchmaking context?!


and that should be punished too and yes i do play the game


Have you, or have you ever met someone who actually evaded maps by dropping from a lobby?

I don’t know a single person that does that, I know plenty who regularly (as in 50% of the time) get unfriendly error messages during matchmaking, now followed by cooldown.

If you don’t have problem with matchmaking, my bet is that you are not playing TG, something is seriously wrong with the matchmaking, especially in unranked TG… And it really can’t be only me. I just managed to get a TG started… Took like 4 tries where it found a match and then it unexpectedly went back to searching… Took 10 minutes to find a game (Finally not “my” fault or cooldown, but i can’t help but wonder if 4 other players just received a bogus error and cooldown like me). Played till feudal and a team member dropped. Still won the 2v3 though. Game ran buttery smooth and I havent had any problems with my connection at all really. Only the damn matchmaking giving me random hexcodes every day.

About 50% of the game’s ranked ladder player base wants to play 1v1 Arabia and is happy playing 1v1 Arabia.

Please, give players an 1v1 Arabia Only option, give most players what they want.

Can anyone please explain me how would this harm the other 50% who doesn’t care playing any other map? Or give any reason to not let 50% of the players do what they want?


Where do you get those estimations about 50% from? And why do you call 50% a “majority”?

Regardless if it is 50% want arabia only, 10% arena only, and 40% variety, or 40% arabia only, 20% arena only, and 40% variety the logic seems similar. a slight tweak to percentages doesn’t change the overall point of the message.

MatDaymond believes that there is a significant enough proportion of the aoe2 community that only wants to play arabia. It’s hard to know for sure since the ban system and alt F4 directly affect people who utilize those systems to overcount their votes on preferred map percentage, but I find it unlikely that those manipulations have driven the percentage off by a factor of double of triple on any given map preference output. So I’d guess it is at least Roughly in the right ballpark probably.

Btw, even if your population was 40 % A, 20 % B, 20 % C, 10% D, and 10% E,F,G combined, I don’t think it’s as strange to call A the “majority” as you make it seem with your response. while technically not true, it seems weird to call that out. especially so when it is only 1% off of being true majority in his hypothetical numberset.


Extremely naive. IF literally hours after the patch players already found a basic bug to dodge the penalty, and devs take 2 months to patch it, how much time do you think it will take until the penalty system works correctly? Hint: it took 1 year to fix the ranked Elo, and it’s still arguably not fixed.

TC delete was just one example I took to show how unaware of the situation you are, because I think anybody who has played since the patch must have seen it already (at least in TGs), but there are more elaborate ways to dodge the penalty, some will be difficult to fix for the devs, for example, people can desync the game instead of resigning, or just not play the game for 5 minutes and then resign, what is your solution to avoid these issues?


Well if they wait for 5 minutes before resigning they kinda still get a 5 minutes ban in a way. And lose ELO. The same goes to deleting TC. As far as im concerned, the current solution is better than no solution at all. Besides, never seen TC deleted yet. Neither in TG nor in 1v1. Ive seen it only as a part of a strat, persian(cough) douche(cough)


The difference is that everyone wastes 5 minutes now, not just the leaver. Besides leavers already get a ~ 5 minutes penalty currently because they have to requeue and wait for matchmaking. If they are already willing to wait 5 minutes they are most likely willing to wait 10.

Which is another aberration by itself. You should never lose Elo for leaving early. Elo is not supposed to be a reward/punishment, it’s supposed to be a tool for making fair matches. If you artificially decrease someone’s Elo for leaving, his real skill has not decreased, so he’ll be matched against against weaker players, creating unbalanced matches until he comes back to his Elo. It also makes it much easier to throw games. Besides it is possible to desync the game to not lose Elo.

That’s the thing, you’re not the only one concerned. I personally couldn’t care more about the Alt-f4 penalty either, I know how to dodge it. But I realize that it will just split the community and unfairly penalize certain people, for many people, the current solution is clearly worse.

But you also claimed playing several thousand games without a crash, which I don’t think many people can relate to.

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You can view stats here: https://www.ageofempires.com/stats/ageiide-global

Seems like the size dropdown box determines which maps appear in the Top 20 list on the ranked page. Arabia is played 54.70% of the time for Tiny maps (1v1s) and is the most played map for all map sizes except for Large, where it’s second to Arena.

If you switch from the Ranked tab to the Multiplayer tab, then Arabia is the most played 1v1 map at 40.03% and is the second most played 4v4 map (12.31% compared to Black Forest’s 27.75%).

And when looking at those percentages, consider that people who never want to play Arabia in ranked don’t have to play it (they can ban it), while people who do want to play Arabia still might get matched with someone who bans it.


So toggling through and just messing around here I’m getting the picture that:

Large Team Game Preference (like 4 v 4): Probably split evenly between Arena, Arabia, and BF. 4v4 Arena and 4v4 Arabia players use ranked and 4v4 BF use lobby.

Smaller Team Game Preference: Similar story for both ranked and lobby, but a little stronger preference towards Arabia.

1v1 preference: pretty large preference towards Arabia, but a decent showing of arena in ranked and lobby. And for some reason Coastal shows up with a weirdly strong signal here. Single player default???

Anyways, seems like a pretty good case for having an Arabia queue, an arena queue, and a BF queue, and then an “Random” queue with fair map selection (no bans to manipulate your preference, essentially a “I scratch your back you scratch mine” playing on maps). And Delete out Quickplay to reclaim those players so the overall wait time isn’t hurt.

PS> TWest, make a vid about how to Fix Fish Traps to have the same construction logic as farms! But only after they fix this.


Coastal is the default map selection in the lobby menu—anyone who doesn’t explicitly select a different map ends up playing it.

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