Rajasthanis civ concept

The name “Rajput” or “Thakur” refers to a big multiple composition of castes, kin bodies, and local groups, sharing social status and ideology of genealogical descent that originated in the Indian Subcontinent, in particular, those from Northwestern and Central India. The Rajputs were known for being resilient as they defended themselves from foreign invaders.

A proposed flag

Year span: 730-1556 CE
Focus: Kinship, Cavalry, Defense
Difficulty: 2/3


  • Villagers can toggle between what resources they can be assigned to.
  • Villagers gather from sheep at 15% faster rate.
  • Start with 2 forage bushes.
  • The Stone Wall Gate and Tower costs -50%.
  • Outposts and Monasteries have +100% hitpoints.

Influence: Defensive Hill Forts

What does the Defensive Hill Forts influence do: Buildings within the influence of Hill Forts, Stone Towers, and Stone Walls have +20% resistance to damage.

Unique Units:

  • Bhil Archer - Ranged unit that can activate the “Stealth” ability, which lasts for 30 seconds. It also has slightly more attack points (both regular and bonus) than the regular Archer. Replaces the regular Archer.


Bhil Archery practice

  • Chakram Thrower - Ranged unit that throws volleys of deadly metal discs that can penetrate through multiple units when thrown (This is commonly referred to as Pass-Through Damage). Units from behind take less damage than the first unit that’s attacked. Has a bonus attack against archers. Available at the Archery Range starting in the Feudal Age. Like the Javelin Thrower and Valari Thrower, it’s a Crossbowman replacement that doesn’t use the crossbow or bow and arrow.

A pair of Chakrams

Chakram Thrower portrait from AoE2: DE - DOI

  • Rajput Swordsman - Heavy melee infantry that has the “Bravery” ability, which after the first charge, acquires +3 attack for 5 seconds. Replaces the Man-At-Arms.

A poster of a heavily armed Rajput foot soldier.


  • Kathiawari Horseman - Light melee cavalry that is extremely fast and has good attack. It has the “Reckless Horse” skill, so negative debuffs are reduced by 75%. Replaces the regular Horseman.



  • Mawari Lancer - Unit that has the ability “Unstoppable Charge”, which makes his charge attack completely resistant against a wall of spears, but some of his armor points are taken away in compensation. “Stoic Horse” does not receive negative debuffs that reduce movement or attack speed (immune to camel aura). Replaces the regular Lancer but can be created in the Feudal Age and gets upgraded to Veteran Mawari Lancer in the Castle Age.



  • Rais - Unique mounted leader that gets better through the ages. Starts off as a Scout. In Feudal Age, it becomes a Light Cavalry. In Castle Age, it becomes a Heavy Cavalry. And in Imperial Age, it is atop on the Howdah of an Elephant.



Unique Buildings:

  • Hill Fort - Building that replaces the Keep. Has better stats than the Keep but costs more in compensation.

Unique Technologies:

  • Vaishyas - Villagers and Traders are created 50% faster. Available at the Town Center starting in the Feudal Age.
  • Agrestic Production - Villagers’ carry capacity from farms is increased by 5. Available at the Mill starting in the Castle Age.
  • Frontier Guards - Cavalry units have +4 melee armor. Available at the Stable starting in the Castle Age.
  • Brahmin Mitigation - Monks take 50% less damage if nearby Town Centers, Monasteries, or defensive structures. Available at the Monastery starting in the Castle Age.
  • Masoned Security - Stone Wall Towers receive +500 hitpoints. Available at the Hill Fort starting in the Castle Age.
  • Tactical Husbandry - Stables work 15% faster if within the influence range. Available at the Stable starting in the Imperial Age.
  • Improved Compounds - Defensive structures have +10 pierce armor. Available at the Hill Fort starting in the Imperial Age.


  • Jat Saqiya Camp - Landmark that slowly spawns Villagers and Sacred Cattle can be produced there at 50% faster rate. Units at Stables nearby this Landmark are 25% cheaper.


  • Durga Temple - Landmark that acts as a Monastery. Villagers nearby gather 50% faster and can be auto healed. Based on the Ambika Mata Mandir.

  • Gwalior Fort - Landmark that acts as a Hill Fort. It has the ability to heal nearby out-of-combat units using sacred water. Based on the building of the same name.

  • Kirti Stambha - Landmark where Villagers can drop off more resources at than at other drop-off points, spawns out 4 forage bushes, and enables Cavalry units to use an aura that gives Villagers +2 armor. Based on the building of the same name.

  • Gagron Fort - Landmark that acts as a Hill Fort. It enables Fishing Villagers and Fishing Boats to gather stone in addition to food while fishing. Based on the building of the same name.

  • Victoria Tower- Landmark that enables Cavalry units produced within the influence of Hill Forts and as well as the Rais to gain 20% increased attack. Based on the Vijaya Stambha.

Wonder: City Palace in Udaipur

Units that are expected to become shared units:

  • War Elephant - Melee cavalry that is to become shared among civilizations that historically used them.

New shared unit expected to come into existence:

  • Elephant Archer - Ranged cavalry unit where the archer is atop of the elephant and is available to civilizations that historically used military elephants. Delhi Sultanate uses the Tower Elephant instead.

Architecture: Rajput architecture would be most prominent.

Language: Prakrit would be spoken and through the ages, it changes to Old Gujarati at one point and Middle Gujarati is spoken in the Imperial Age.

Because the majority of the unique units have the same units as the units they replace aside from the unique abilities they have, only one proposed unit stat is here:

[Chakram Thrower]

  • Cost: 80 Food and 40 Gold
  • Training Time: 22 seconds
  • Hitpoints: 70 (Regular), 80 (Veteran), 95 (Elite)
  • Pierce attack: 8 (Regular), 10 (Veteran), 12 (Elite)
  • Attack bonus: +3 vs. Ranged (Regular), +7 vs. Ranged (Veteran), +13 vs. Ranged (Elite)
  • Rate of Fire: 2 seconds
  • Range: 6 tiles
  • Melee armor: 1 (Regular), 2 (Veteran), 3 (Elite)
  • Pierce armor: 0
  • Speed: 1.34 tiles/second
  • Upgrade cost: 100 Food and 250 Gold (Veteran), 300 Food and 700 Gold (Elite)
  • Upgrade time: 30 seconds (Veteran), 60 seconds (Elite)

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