Red Bull Wololo: Legacy early access preview

In an effort to best support the participants, organizers and primary casters involved with the Red Bull Wololo: Legacy tournament, we’ve provided a small group ongoing access to our upcoming Age of Empires IV Anniversary Update as we continue to get the build readied for release on October 25. Streaming and content creation will now be permitted for players who’ve been provided access.

As such, you may notice certain streams and discussions originating from the use of this build, despite the Public Update Preview being closed. We’re excited to support such a monumental event in this way, and we look forward to sharing the Anniversary Update with you all on October 25th!


First video with new UI:


Seems TC and keeps getting nerfed as well. Don’t think it’s very big, but combined with the trader and eco tech buffs, I think it makes single TC vs multi TC play more viable

To quote Reddit “TCs added a +50 stone cost and +30s build time. Keeps added a +30s build time.”

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if they do not favor the attacker the game remains the same but delayed 30 seconds, they must remove the siege engineering requirement

thanks for the military school hotkey

because they do not allow us to know how long it will take to produce each unit in the military school, please include that


Military schools produce units at 4.5 times the base training time BEFORE applying blacksmith buffs and pzivor buff.

Example spearman and archers take 15s standard to buikd put of normal Military production buildings and they take 67.5s from Military School. Each age increase the training efficiency 25% 33% 40% (60% landmark) feudal castle Imperial respectively. The pzivor tier 3 buff gives you another 25% efficiency that is multiplicative (the same way yam network does for wheelbarrow villagers).

So technically at max training efficiency MS train units at 200% their base rate (160% times 125%).

Example a knight at base with no blacksmith or pzivor buff trains at 157.5s but after applying alll the max training buffs it now would train at 78.75s!! That’s a value of 182 res per min or 4.5 base vils or 2.2 new relic rate. So 5 schools all making knights using max buffed training its equivalent to 22.5 base villagers!!

Last point, say you don’t care about the food generation and you want to maximize your gold per min using MS then you’ll want to make Janissary which are also worth 100g per unit but has a lower base train time than knights!!! Thats 111 gold per min per school!

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this could work

Yeah it’s great. Too bad all these people (actually probably just a few vocal ones) don’t like to know the actual numbers behind these things

I’m really keen to play the civs again!

Please make the Tc be repaired with stone and favor the attacker

Have you seen any victory for distinctive buildings? all distinctive buildings and Tc’s should be repaired with stone

This is what I meant, once the shore is lost, feudal age land units can’t help reclaim the sea, so please give the archers a decent bonus against all ships

the archer ship has 2 armor and the hulk ship has 3 armor, a bonus from archers against ships can work

except for fishing boats give them armor so they are not vulnerable to archers

The knights were the strongest unit only countered by the spearman

but the knights have been massacred by the musofadi warrior, as they are a light unit the crossbowmen do not defeat them, perhaps only the archers, in honor of balance they need a nerf

must at least have an even match with the elite horseman

musofadi has no counter because it is not considered a heavy unit, Crossbowmen have no bonus against them

We will have to see if the archers win with equal resources

for this reason it is that the distinctive buildings must be repaired with stone

Light melee infantry already get countered by archers?? and notice mosofadi warriors have no inherent armor.

I will do a test with horsemen, because otherwise only the archers will defeat them