ROMAE AD BELLUM - (RAW:E) Rome at War Expansion Concept

Hmm, in Britain, ‘fort’ is the standard term in this context, both for forts built by the Romans and by the native Britons (the latter are usually ‘hillforts’). It feels very unnatural to me to call them anything else in English.


Yes, I understand… it just sounds weird to me the same…

Wanted to share that the team continues to work on the remaining civs for the Mod. The Civ TechTrees and overall designs are ready. We are just waiting on Unique Unit Graphics to release. Below is the tentative release order:


The team is also exploring exciting new Naval Gameplay Mechanics and is looking to add new ship classes and designs to complement this.

The Fort concepts above are part of a planned effort to develope unique graphics for all 22 Civs in the Mod. Similar to MS official DLC’s, we believe this will add variety and depth to the unique civs beyond the Regional Architecture sets they share today.

Finally, once all the civs are released, we plan to revisit non unique units. We hope to reskin spearman, militia, and scout lines so they match the period and regional cultures. A Persian Spearman should look different than a Gothic or Briton Spearman or even a Greco Roman one.

To stay up to date with developement, get technical help, share feeback suggestions, please join our discord. Thanks!


I like it… greater visual variety, is out there…great job…I would put the trebuchet and rename it “palintonon” (although they are not exactly the same unit, but if they would fulfill the same function) and that the relics boost the units and the economy…

Which civs replace those above?.. Judeans (Saracens?) Cretans (Sicilians?) Nubians (Ethiopians? - although these are further south), Thracians (Bulgarians?) and Dacians (Magyars?)

Judeans: Saracens
Cretans: Vietnamese
Nubians: Mayans
Thracians: Malians
Dacians: Ethiopians

Weird, I would have replaced them with their predecessor states and territorial issues…the Mayans could stay total are originally from late antiquity…and the Ethiopians gave room to put the Aksumites…

No, that’s not the logic. It’s based on architecture sets and playstyle, because that’s a lot easier.

Ah ok ok…i understand then…

If forts are suppose to be castles in your mod, I would say that name “citadel” is much better.

Its not a better name its a similar name.

Forts is most accurate considering what they do. Castles ingame are realistically a keep basically, ours are meant to be forts. That’s what they are after all.

I based the first Fort design graphic off the Roman Castrum:

Castra - Wikipedia and decided against naming it Castrum because other non Latin civs would have an equivalent. Fort translated best IMO for English and that’s why it was chosen. Fortress and Marching Camp all seemed wrong based on what the building does in game.

I love that Roman Republic and Empire train Praetorian variants from it and that fits very nicely for them based on the the Castra Paetoria, a historical building complex in Ancient Rome.