Seriously:The size of the aoe4 house is too weird!

Look, this is what aoe4 city should look like. The size of the house is very comfortable and does not affect the playability. After all, the blocked units only need to be highlighted,

I think the original purpose of the production team to reduce the house was to prevent players from mistakenly touching in street warfare, but this problem should be solved from the tactile feedback, rather than reducing the building. The size of the building is not the problem.

Please don’t blindly pursue the so-called “control and gameplay” and don’t give up the normal look and feel of the game. Excessive symbolization is not a good thing. Do you understand the horror Valley theory? The building proportion of aoe4 has been reduced to a serious discomfort. Please be sure to appropriately enlarge the size of the house in the later version.

Too much simplification will lead to a lack of appreciation of the game picture,

The building proportion of AoE3 is very appropriate. Why doesn’t anyone say it’s touched by mistake? In fact, the root cause of the mistouch problem is that the touch feedback of aoe4 is too poor.

However, the root cause of the problem is wrongly attributed to the size of the building.

Moreover, the false touch caused by the size of the building can be solved in a way similar to aoe2 small tree mod, and it can be left to players to choose freely according to their own needs. Before the Creative Workshop appears, the production team only needs to set a switch to select the size of the building, professional players choose small buildings, and players who pay attention to the picture choose large buildings, Everyone is satisfied.Isn’t this the best plan?

And in this process, the production team can also know what kind of building size the player really wants.

Please open the building size to choose freely!

As we all know, the house of aoe4 was reduced before it was officially released, which also led to a very exaggerated proportion of people and buildings. For example, in aoe4, even if people squat down, they can’t enter the doors of most buildings, and the cavalry is much higher than the roof of the house.
Have you ever seen such a mini tent?

Especially in the historical campaign mode, no city looks like a city. In fact, it is not even a city, not even a countryside. It is more like a primitive tribal shack gathering place. When you see the tents in the scene, you will marvel that they are ridiculously small.

There is no doubt that the building proportion of the current version needs to be further adjusted, or it will not be conducive to the players’ play in the future creative workshop. Imagine, if I want to make a map with a large number of artificial scenes, the whole scene will look very strange because the building is too small.

This is the best proportion, the visual effect Max!
In short, this extremely exaggerated building proportion needs to be further modified. Please enlarge the building. Personally, I am most satisfied with the building proportion of the first promotional film of aoe4. At the same time, the building proportion of AoE3 is also very comfortable, which can not block the line of sight, but also maintain an appropriate proportion with the characters.
Of course, the official must have their own considerations, so the current building proportion is different from the first promotional film. It should be a compromise for the visibility of the game. The key point I want to express is that the building has been excessively reduced and should be slightly increased.


Still not as bad as AOE1.

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I prefer smaller buildings like in AoE1, AoE2 had better scale. I don’t really think about it in AoE4 because there is so much more to think about.


Buildings in the AoE series were never to scale to the units so it’s not really an issue


However, in 3D, the building proportion of aoe4 has been out of balance to an unacceptable level. Obviously, they can do better if they can refer to AoE3…

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Most Buildings in aoe 3 are definitely bigger in comparison to the units then buildings in aoe 4 but their not to scale in aoe 3 either

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Yeeeaaahh! Not gonna lie, the announcement trailers and teasers painted the game very differently from what it is today. Wish we had an option to make them bigger.


Some buildings are a bit small because they increased the size of the units slightly. The houses are curious because in the first ages they look small but then in the 3 and 4 ages they grow in size and do not clash.

But the main problem for me are the production buildings (barracks, stables, etc …)

Urban center and barrack (well)

Urban center and baarrack (bad)

Due to gameplay issues, these buildings were reduced in size from 3x3 to 2x2. Rather than doing a visual rework, they were cut in size by more than half and this is why we see that these buildings are deeply out of place within the game even compared to other buildings.

Personally I hope that in the future after having solved the most important problems (bugs, balance). These buildings will be reworked (without necessarily making them bigger) to visually fit within the game.


I like the units being larger, it makes it easier to control them for a given field of view, when you express the field of view relative to building size. They could maybe make it a setting, though, so people can scale the size of units up or down as they prefer.


“The build of aoe4” is 34gb, buddy.

Holy crap.

i feel like it is a problem of height too, if we give a look at aoe3 buildings they are usually taller , not so large


favor! They should set at least two options to meet the needs of different players.

Raising the building height is also a solution.

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many controversial designs of aoe4 can be left to players to choose.

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Aoe4 can be modified by referring to the building height of AoE3, depending on whether the production team is willing or not.

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Not only the height
3 houses + barrack
For example see this, barrack seens more little than houses, more narrow. I think that would be neccesary a rework of building for its new suface.

Stable little.PNG

For example, the stable. Only would be neccesary to increase the size of the underlined building.
It could take up more land in the horse pen and would look good without taking up more space than its 2X2s. The buildings don’t really need to be much larger, just proportionate.


Age has always had wonky sizes for building to unit ratio and has always been my #1 complaint

That’s actually imo the major problem with building ratio.
Okay if the unit-building ratio is by design smaller or larger, but the problem here is the building models themselves are inconsistent with their sizes and proportions.
It’s like they are first made with similar proportions in the same world (like, buildings could have different scales but their window/door/gate etc have generally consistent sizes and heights), then scaled either up or down differently to fit in the same grid. Then it feels like some buildings are designed for normal-heighted people while some only half-heighted.


i’ve never seen in previous games something similar to it.
Giant horse against pony.

they wanted both building + space for horses… but failed in both.