Some "new" cards for ancient civilizations

Es el bonus del explorador azteca, más experiencia. Yo cambiaría el consejo tribal, que le diera otro bonus, y que el ataque especial se desbloquee solo, como los demás

After a while, here are some new ideas.

Maybe too powerful for the Dutch. Changing it into making the settler train time -15% may be better.

Up to 3, as same as the passive effect of the semi civs on the African maps.

There is a card with a similar name “Calendar Ceremony”, so this tech can be renamed to Human Sacrifice.

To put it succinctly, just let the unit cards which are no longer can be sent able to be sent once again.
The term Tawantinsuyu literally means “the four Suyu”, a empire which accesses and conquers the four directions. Peoples from any direction can come and support the empire.

The card Autarky already make Kancha Houses able to generate wood.
To reflect the name of Bursera Graveolens, the effect can be changed into that the villagers gather wood 8% faster, and the friendly units regenerate HP when close to trees and Kancha Houses.

I found that it is too similar to the card Huanka Support of the Incas.
Maybe it should be replaced by other new economic cards.

  • Tribal Migration (Haudenosaunee and Lakota)
    When a TC is destroyed, the economic drop point will spawn a free Covered Wagon after about 1 minute. If there is no drop point after that 1 minute, it will spawn immediately once there is a new drop point.
    This effect cannot make the economy better but can keep the economy more easily when the player is behind and under attack, as long as the new economic drop point are protected.

  • Pochteca (Aztec)
    Ships 5 Native Scouts. Makes Native Scouts trickle 0.4 coin and XP, and they trickle double when there is any enemy unit and building in their LoS.
    I think this effect can well reflect the meaning of Pochteca. As long as the player let them stealth and keep their safety, there would be good income.


I think the card should make the basic militiamen reusable. Even if they lose life it would be enough for a defensive plan. It should also increase the town center’s hit points by 10%.

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Me encantaría una tarjeta que permita a los corrales atraer a los animales salvajes. :smile:

Nombre de la tarjeta:
Quizás cebo?

Los animales de caza son atraídos al corral.

Efectos opcionales:
Los animales de caza se recolectan un 5% o 10 % mas rápido cerca de los corrales.
Los corrales cuestan un 25 % o un 50% menos.
Los animales de corral cuestan un 10% o 15% menos.
Los animales de corral engordan un 15% o 20% mas rápido.

Nota: Solo un efecto extra.

Edad de la tarjeta:
Age 1 o Age 2

Nota: Age 3 es discutible

Fomenta el uso de los corrales a corto plazo.

This would give the pens a good use, but I would like some historical truth XD.

Lamento que no cumpla tus expectativas, pero gracias por contestar. :sweat_smile:

¿Se te ocurre alguna alternativa mas correcta?

I think that with the improvement “pioneers” is enough. That is, even though your villagers are exposed from chasing hunting, they will be harder to kill. That is why I have proposed that it be absorbed by the advanced market.

What could be done is to enable a new improvement that prevents the hunt from rotting.

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Me gusta la idea, mercado avanzado podría convertirse en algo similar a arsenal avanzado.
¿Le agregarías algo mas a mercado avanzado?

I think thats enough.
In addition to the current benefits:
More productive trading posts.
3 additional economic improvements.

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But essentially you’re saving wood plus crafting time, and once the dock is built you can start applying the fishing upgrades, or just add more fishing.

I think the advanced mill/plantations need to be reviewed. These cards are basically useless nowadays, with natural resources expanded to last well into fortress age.

They should also reduce the costs of upgrades by 50% or something.


And Land Grab makes them rather redundant.


those cards where never really useful to begin with.


Creo que las cartas de molino avanzado y hacienda avanzada, deberian ser movidas a la II edad y que ademas de dar esos beneficios, entreguen respectivamente un carromato y un colono para construir, mientras tanto la carta de land grab, ademas de rebajar aun mas el precio, permita a los aldeanos guarecerse y disparar dentro de las haciendas y molinos


On top of current buffs they could give +5-10% production, but maybe have balance hits.


A Possible New Letter to the Lakota: 'The White Buffalo’

You will receive a white buffalo that will give you 2000 experience and he will be able to work in the square with the rhythm of 5 workers and will count as 5 workers. In case it dies you can create it in the square.
Possible New plot solution on obtaining Lakota and Haudenosaunee coins


Advanced plantation is useful in the campaign, especially the steel part.

Yes sir, we could really use this

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I don’t even use the advanced plantation throughout the steel campaign… I just put units in it and already xd…