-Standard Poll continues-Regarding Nomad being an entirely separate game mode that should not be inside the standard starts random script map queue. Among other suggestions - Standard Poll -continued voting

We have half a month remaining, feel free to continue voting in the linked thread.

your topic was closed for reasons, stop your nonsense. also last map voting showed once more nomad as a favourite.


No reason was given, only the whining of those who hate opposing opinions.

And I don’t see many voters on the recent map vote either.

because you only see what you want to see. there were reasons given to you all the time and you just refused to acknowledge them.

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The reasons given were refuted with reason. The ones refusing to see it cried out with crocodile tears, I could care less. I am very much interested in proper conversation and middle/opposing opinions, and if the opposition is unable to provide a solid argument that’s on them, not me.

do you understand the concept of a thread being closed?

sure, but the poll remains and the concept will go on.
The one thing I’ve learned is that you can’t comment in old threads, you remake them.
And I’m not even going that far.

Dude, what is this?
in the other thread you quotet a vote withe the words: “This one interests me”. the Vote doesnt contain ANY nomad map only Mega random and you use that as an argument for your course? why? Mega Random is not a nomad map.
In alot of the other votes there is no nomad only nomad start maps. that doesnt proof anything. I like to play Nomad but i dont like african clearing.
in the vote, quotet by you, Golden swamp gets only 18%. I could use that to say arabia another “STANDART START MAP” cant be that popular and is only in the pool everytime cause the devs want it. give it its own que. Both are standart start maps so clearly the votes of the one map is directly linked to every other standart start map.
Seriously, this is getting ridicolous. Questionable at best? I think that is not even questionable. This kind of logic makes no sense. You cant just say Mega random wasnt popular in that one vote therefor Nomad and other Nomad style maps cant be popular. Nomad, Land nomad and African Clearing are as different as Arabia, Arena and Four lakes. Popularity of one of them has NOTHING to do with the Popularity of the others.

EDIT: sorry TwerDefender this wasnt meant to be a response to you.

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Mega Random contains nomad. and I was using it as an example of similar popularity, not exact.
as they are both more popular the less voters are in the poll.

regardless, you’re ignoring the 7ish other polls with 1-1.4k voters with nomad that had such results.

yeah but still. I know people that like Mega random and dont like Nomad and vise versa. it is like saying popularity of Arena and Arbia are linked together since both are Standart Start by your definition.

that is true, however popularity between map types within the same game mode is different from game mode popularity vs other game modes.

You mean this one? Only Land nomad, it is not as fun as Nomad.
Look how little votes Hill fort got there. A closed map like Arena. Must be totally unpopular then…

Btw: only 4% missing to get into the pool. Fourlakes had 35% and Land Nomad had 31%.

Nomad maps vary just as much as regular standard game maps do, people will have their favorites, likes, or dislikes based on map gen alone regardless of game mode.

Nomad is a very much liked and well deserving game mode for its own queue or ranked lobby system.
It, as a mode, is popular, yes there are some nomad maps liked more than others and that is to be expected.

But there is no argument left other than your opinion claiming it to be a different gamemode.

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and just to reiterate: nomad start does not make something its own game mode in aoe2. This is evident:
-it’s not a game mode as implemented by the developers
-your own poll says this

one more reason why Nomad is not a game mode: game modes are not combinable:
-you can’t play deathmatch+empire wars
-you can’t play deathmatch+regicide (althought i guess this one kinda makes sense)

however you can play deathmatch on Nomad (or other maps with nomadic starts)
you can play regicide on Nomad etc


it’s the main argument, yes - and it also comes with a number of supporting factors behind it.

Many game modes are well and combinable if the player-base wishes it.

it was a game mode implemented by the developers in age 1, and in age 2 it was improved on however was added in via a single map called ‘Nomad’, and later more maps were built around the concept.

It’s not a map name, it’s a game mode name.
and new maps made with the game mode in the theme have either nomad in the name or, as of late, the nomad symbol feet in the picture.

no it doesnt. You claimed that nomad drops like a stone with more than 1.4k voters? Well the only “supporting factor” you came up with is this one poll where there is only Land Nomad. And did drop hard only missing out with 4%, which are about 60 people missing to vote? I think this very hard wording… And then again: the popularityof land nomad doesnt represent the popularity of the nomadic start.

leading up to 1.4k, not necessarily at or around 1k, it starts to drop around 800-1k, it may still be in a winning position around this time, and the difference becomes more clear between 1k-1.4k with a normal drop of nomad by the time it hits 1.4k on a fairly consistent basis.

The polls I brought in were 1k+ because of the very limited amount of large voter samples existing, so I allowed the sample to drop to 1k minimum.

and you’re only taking one of the polls into account again @Nortomator

The irony is that this probably describes you better than anyone else. Absolutely everyone who commented on that thread opposed your ideas, your thread got closed because it was an endless echo chamber, and nothing ever actually went anywhere.

@RadiatingBlade, he basically just re-opened it.