Standardize games to 30 minutes

I know that most of the players are casual of medium Elo, it is not necessary to remove the stone walls in Feudal because in the tournaments they have been adapted to simply not do them before they did the Mod, but the changes that I propose will not affect the duration of players of average Elo, they will continue to be long for those who like them that way


modify holy sites please
Holy places should only reset when they are all lost, otherwise it should just pause their counter.

The changes you propose will still affect the game for people who play competitively and like the game as it is. If you really want shorter games, just make your own mod and play on it and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy playing the game the way we want to.



@HasanIchess just make your own mode!
You don’t play this game alone, and you are not the only player of the AOE4!


Your Elo games will continue to last the same, other people also think like me

I know that most of the ladder are average players, I’m not suggesting even removing the stone walls in feudal times or castles, but I reiterate that low Elo games will continue to be long, Beasty himself mentioned that the difference between a conqueror and a pro is abysmal

Here I am defending casual players, you’re welcome

posts like these with hundreds of comments especially from casual players and in the end janissary did not receive any change, it is about the quality of the arguments not the quantity, one of mine is there

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here you can see a guy that want to destroy age of empires core game play because game is no 20 min like starcraft, esports is so destructive to RTS games…


I have never played starcraft, I do not intend 20-minute games and lastly the average elo games of most of the ladder will continue to be long

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And? have you ever thought that may be those guys playing longer games are enjoying its time?


yes and that will not change, especially in your Elo, some subtle changes only affect the competitive one, I am not suggesting removing the stone walls or even in feudal or anything like that

And how do you even know our elo?
A lot of us here play competitively enough to know your changes will screw up the game. Yet you are so delusional you think every conqueror player will agree with you and also assume everyone here is low elo.
All i see here is one guy who thinks hes is better than everyone spamming endless nonsense here because the game is not exactly the way he wants.
Just create your own mod, and play on your little buble. We want to playe age of empires, not wathever bs you are coming up with.


yup we want aoe but aoe 4 is not an proper aoe for the constant problems and flaws that requires adressing since launch but instead we got superficial stuff like the new filter that is annoying some player on unit recognition during a match.

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I agree. The game is not perfect. But criticizing and giving feedback is one thing. Constantly spamming the same thing and going over and over the same topic every single day because the game is not exactly the way he wants is a whole different thing. On top of that the guy just goes around asuming people who disagree with him is low elo.


and different thing to fix it are already told but devs are still deaf to it so the protest have a meaning because of it.


read the opinions on reddit, they are not mine, greetings

The goal must be based on the statistics of the professionals, listen to it for yourself, besides that I am being condescending and I am not suggesting radical changes that would affect the average, which are the majority, suggestions that if they are proposed in the golden league discord, and I opposed, you’re welcome

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My idea is different from the advanced configuration option because there they never restart, I am suggesting that they restart when all the holy places are lost, but it is also true that the time it takes to capture a holy place makes it unfeasible to take all three, so that they reset, if the time to take a holy place takes less time, to be able to reset the opponent’s counter, I think it would not break the game, I would like to try it in a mod that modifies the holy places

Cherry picking screenshots of longer games doesn’t prove anything. Have you seen this video?

Based on real statistics from aoe4world, pretty much every top player has an average game time less than 30 minutes. Most closer to 20 minutes. RTS is inherently a game of chicken. The longer you wait before attacking, the bigger advantage you have. So even if you literally removed every defensive building, you would still have players that both decide to play super defensively in one game and then drag the game on.


a pro vs a conqueror any, the game has a problem