[SUGGESTION] Allow us to choose our own menu theme

I would like multiple menu styles to choose from.

A few I’d recommend:

  • Classic AoE2:HD theme
  • Colored buttons theme (so “Continue” is green, “Go Back/Cancel” buttons are red, and miscellaneous buttons are a fairly neutral color of some sort)
  • Font style variation theme (allow the player to choose a font they want to use, rather getting stuck with the ALL CAPS one used in various places. And a font where players using a modest-sized monitor can read short sentences and paragraphs without feeling like their eyes are traveling half-way across their 24" monitor reading huge letters. This will come in handy once civ descriptions are implemented.)
  • Color variation theme, in general (mainly the DE layout, but with different colors theme to choose from – in case players want a break from tan and red for a while)
  • Artistic theme (a theme that is just beautiful or lovely to look at. Classic and sensible.)
  • Classic DE button layout theme (so the Main Menu won’t have “Campaigns”, “Mods”, “Options”, “Editors”, “Credits”, “History”, etc. buried two or more button-clicks deep)

Examples of font concerns:


When it comes down to it, all a menu is is a set of buttons and drop-downs that go somewhere. The artwork and style behind those buttons and menus can vary with little or no impact to the technical functionality, but it can make players enjoy the experience more. This is why I propose giving players multiple menu styles to choose from.

Note: I never would have asked for this in AoE2:HD or before, but it never really occurred to me until DE; mainly because I’m tired of seeing all the red buttons and tan colors everywhere. The global use of red buttons was always a little ‘meh’ (for lack of better word) to me, but now with the impending Main Menu change, I think it’s a good time to suggest adding a few menu styles for us to choose from; since it’s never possible to please everyone with just one choice.

I know the main menu wallpapers are cool and nice to see during events, so if someone is using a different theme other than the standard DE theme and there’s an event going on, give them a button that lets them view the lovely wallpaper artwork.

Does anyone wish for this? Do you have any other themes you’d like to be considered?

Here are a couple threads/posts that inspired me to make this suggestion:
* Let’s discuss the new main menu
* New ‘civ screen’


Isnt this already possible by using mods? Or do i miss something?

After the november patch i will look for some mod to fix my main menu. I dont like the current change.

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I don’t think modding the menu is easy. I once saw a mod attempting to recreate the OG menu and it was kind of meh.

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WoodsierCorn696 wrote:
Isnt this already possible by using mods? Or do i miss something?

Even if it were possible, I always seek to get official, dev-implemented solutions. Dev solutions would likely be better, imo, and they’d be official – so when bugs arise in your game, no need to disable/re-enable a bunch of mods trying to figure out if mods caused the bug. They’d be officially supported if something were to go wrong. And they’d be aware of the coding that went into the themes, thus more likely to proactively avoid issues/bugs than if mods were used.

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