Suggestion: Option to turn off Hero glow

I wish there will be an option to turn off the hero glow cause it looks strange. Developers once said that you can turn off all new stuff if you wish, but there is no such an option for hero glow! And there were no hero glow in the original game. There is a new no glow mod, but sadly it does not work, we need such an option in the game!


Personally I rather like it but will always support an idea for an option to turn it off for those who don’t. What I would really like is an option to turn off or change the particle effects on the Main Menu and at the end of a game. Also the option to change the Main Menu background on the fly instead enabling a mod and restarting the game.


@Zetnus Can you help him get your mod to work?

Yes, turn off the glow and short wall are good opinions.

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Zetnus just published a mod that just does the thing.

Also you can turn on/off the mod easily by mod manager

The mod works, you just have to restart the game for it to take effect.

I’m busy with other things at the moment, but I have a short wall mod in the works already.

Oh, really? It looks wonderful. I searched “short wall” in the game before, but nothing came out.

Was this implemented already or are we all waiting still? I checked out all the “graphics” and “gameplay” options, but I found no references to heroes being highlighted.

Would love this as well… Optional features are always welcome, besides, I dislike the new effect since it makes heroes look like characters from other games, IMO.

No Hero Glow mod. You need to restart game after subscribing to it.

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