Suggestions for lag?

I get lag that gets worse the longer the game has been open. I can usually tell by game 4-5 that it’s time to restart, then it’s back to baseline.

Also, specifically when panning the map with my cursor it lags the worst. The screen freezes for 200ms and jumps a couple times, overshooting my mouse pan and I have to bounce back and forth for a second or two to get it positioned through the lag.

In the pup, these effects have all been twice as bad. I’ve resorted to using the minimap to move my screen around and have to restart my client after every match for it to remain playable.

Any suggestions?

It seems like RAM problem, could you add your system hardware specs? Also HDD/SSD free space and internet connection speed.

AMD Ryzen 5 2400g
16 gb ram
500 gb SSD 41 gb free
209 mpbs down / 11 mpbs up

Does this happen in singleplayer? Or just multiplayer?

Single player too. I turned off map scroll acceleration and that seems to help some but it still jitters a little when scrolling / panning.

Looks like I’m not alone