The game crashes due to out-of-sync constantly

we played 4 on 4 2 times and both times the game crashes due to out-of-sync. what happened? why did 100% desynchronization start?



Hey @chelny16! Sorry you ran into this. If you could contact support here with your warnings.log file, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Same. Usually in team games when someone is losing they crash the game and it shows as de-sync. It goes to end of game stats and then crashes to desktop. In match history it shows the match as No Result.

I believe some people found a way to abuse this so they don’t get a lost which is sad.


It may also occur if someone is using a trainer for cheats. If they suddenly have 5k more gold than they did a second ago, when the server sees this information pop in, it believes that a desync has occured.

This does not occur in single player, because it’s all done locally, but if you or another player tries sending information that the server was not expecting, it realizes something is wrong.

hm. it may be nice startup for boosting mmr. if out of sync makes 0 changes mmr you can use any cheat program to prevent loosing game

This training plug is very common to find. I dont think we need to fix it but to punish the abuse player is enough. Like degrade their mmr a lot with warnings.

Happened to me today too. 27 minutes into a 4v4.

To add, we were about to destroy the other teams wonder and win by sacred…so could have been malicious.

Just happened again, we were winning via sacred and wonder in a 4v4 game. There looks to be an active exploit out there where someone can de-sync a game.

So there are 3 sync related bugs happening right now and Relic needs to make these the TOP priority. There also needs to be more chatter about this.

  1. The error everybody is describing here. It will crash a match mid game and everyone is kicked to the results screen with a crash error of C06T09R09X-01 4D504D6101EA. Once you hit play again or quite from this screen, your game will crash. Later, in match history, you will see the match, it will show “no result” and you can watch the replay (up to the point of the match crashing). This appears to happen in large team games, and usually when a team or player is about to lose. Ive suspected its related to Relics in game grouping system, and de-syncing if one player leaves who’s part of a group while their ally stays in the game. This is unconfirmed, however the warnings.log file mentions group de-syncs when you see this error and it happens during team games mostly (No groups in 1v1)

  2. The replay not saving bug. This is a bug where at the end of the match, at the results screen, you are presented with a C06T09R09X-01 4D504D6105DA error. Pushing play again or quit will NOT crash your game, however the game will be completely absent from your match history. So no stats from it are recorded and no replay saved that you can watch. the warnings.log file mentions sync errors

  3. Replay Sync error bug. This is a bug where the match ends without error but when you try to watch teh replay, the replay will stutter and eventually cause a “syn-error detected” and freeze the match (not freeze the game). Going into the menu and selecting to restart the replay, will crash your match. There may be a workaround to this by lowering your graphics settings and reducing replay speed and turning vision off and avoiding watching heavy gameplay, but will most likely present the same sync error further on in the replay.

I’m very surprised all of these are happening on such a frequent basis 3 patches after launch and they are not even mentioned in Relics known bug list. These arnt once in a blue moon errors. For team games, a good 40%+ of games have error 1. 20%+ games have error 2 and while error 3 is rarer, its still happening in around 1 in 30 games. These all need to be looked at with the upmost urgency as many of us are at the point where we want to stop playing the game because constantly playing large team matches into the 30 min+ mark and then having the match crash for whatever reason is taking up too much of our time and killing all the fun.


I thought the outofsync crashes all of players, yet today I met a player CC seems to desync specific players.

In 30mins he claims to desync his teammates and us in terms and he did it. I don’t know how he had done this.

I’m sad I added him as friend in October.


interestingly, it turns out that additional errors were revealed in the discussions. I met all 3 reasons from the post The game crashes due to out-of-sync constantly - #10 by O07Craft, but did not pay attention until they began to go in a row as if on purpose.


I get out of sync error into gamecrash about 3 times a day when I play in teamgames on the AoE discord.

Same here for me and my friends. Around every third match crashes like this. Mostly games with more than 2 players. Pretty sure i did not have a single crash in a 1v1.
All startet since 06.Dec. Never crashed before.
Scanning our steam game for broken files actually found one problem. Will test today if this changes something.

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That’s an interesting theory. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. It would certainly explain why I keep getting de-synced when I am about to win in a large team game.

Take a look at this:

Please, everyone who has encountered this, write bug reports here instruction how to make bugreport files here
as I understand this forum, developers do not read directly, they are given data in case of straight hard bugs. Therefore, bug reports with screenshots and data from the game will probably get directly to the right place. All concerned, please spend 2 minutes on this.

Should be a temporary/ permanent ban tho, or they will abuse another group of players…

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Had it happen to me again, about to win with Wonder in 4v4. Players doing this need a ban for real.

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But why would you do that - your elo will go up and up until you need to crash every game as you are just severely worse than your opponents 11.