The Profanity Filter Breaks Chat

AOE2: DE - 39515
Windows 10


This thing is excessive to the extreme. In full disclosure, I don’t even think this thing is necessary let alone desirable, but it’s so unpredictable that I can’t even use chat effectively at this point. I can’t remember off hand every non-profanity word this thing censors but I know my most recent bout of frustration was that it censored the word “Blue”.
I don’t even know where to begin with that. Why? Is it because of sacrebleu? I can’t effectively communicate in chat if we’re going to just write off entire colors considering that’s how one normally refers to other players, is by their color. And that’s just blue, I can’t count how many other times I’ve made sure to mind my p’s and q’s and something completely innocent gets censored. Dock was another word that got censored. I guess I can at least understand that but, there are docks in the game, I may need to occasionally refer to them.

  1. Review your list of banned no-no words, it’s asinine.
  2. Leave an option to turn the thing off, this should be optional. We’re paying customers, not children, at least not all of us.

inb4 it’s not a bug; I consider not being able to say blue in chat a bug, sorry.


And lets dont forget the chat delay!


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I read one of the last posts in the thread that was closed:

  1. The filter is still a problem if it’s censoring a color.
  2. If the filter is not under AOE2:DE development and is under the purview of a separate Microsoft development team, then stop using it. Strip it out of the game. If the developers can’t control the content in the game then I can gauruntee that I won’t be purchasing further expansions or AOE4, considering the implications that has for other aspects such as privacy and security.

The devs seems to love there bad profanity filter. There was some kind of workaround (Here's how to get rid of AOE2 DE censor entirely:), but they even spend time to fix this workaround…


I mean, while I’m angry at them for forcing this up on us, this is probably a pressure from higher authorities. I don’t think FE would love taking freedom from the players

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I know you’re not addressing me, but I do want to reiterate, this is exactly what I have issue with. Put the freedom of speech issues aside, which I could argue in favor of until sun down, my issue is with their lack of control over their end product.
I’m taking my presuppositions from this post:

If this poster is at all accurate, I’m not about this. What else is included in these servers? Do they collect any personal data or system data? Key strokes? Lmao, at what point does this become spyware? Why wasn’t I made aware of what these servers entailed when I started playing? I could say the same about Windows 10 as a whole, but I at least have control over whether I use that as an OS and what I do with it. If I have no choice and I’m not even being made aware of what’s being done in the background when I’m playing this game, I’m going to take issue. I certainly wasn’t made aware that I was going to be encountering this issue when I purchased the game, save for a wall of text that’s likely hidden in an options menu somewhere.

In any case, I suppose them being a subsidiary of Microsoft means I’m going to need to just bite the bullet and accept what’s being handed to me because it’s not reasonable to expect them to defy corporate decisions. However, I will be once bitten, twice shy. That said, it’s still ridiculous that it censors blue.

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It is ridiculous it censors at all.


The amount of time I waste typing up something to an ally just to have it censored for adding f@$% to describe something.

And the stuff that is censored sometimes makes no sense. I was trying to write in Spanish. I kept writing yo se and it was getting censored. That’s not even a curse!!

Can there be a setting for parents or people who get bothered by this can switch it on?? So the the rest of us can enjoy speaking fluidly. Please!!!


Please an option to turn filter off, we often have no idea what we typed that triggered it, and it is triggered a lot.


96% of us don’t want the censorship. Wake up Devs!


Unfortunately if this is something inherent to the nature of the servers the games are being hosted on, as was claimed earlier, the devs won’t be able to fix the problem. They’d have to either a. Petition their parent company to fix the problem (good luck with that lol) or b. Go to entirely different servers. I hope this isn’t the case but they’re not exactly being forthcoming about it from what I’ve seen.

Either way I’d rather they fix the actual game so my villagers stop pausing without warning when I’m luring a boar, or stop the game from crashing when someone closes a lobby room, or keep the game from taking ten minutes to load from just having a mod installed (yeah, fix that mess please). If they fix all that, great, but to be frank my customer loyalty is already dead and in the ground considering this situation.


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Who had the idea to put * for all words anyway?
Look at this>
Are you sane? Why is this still in the game?

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Are some of the AI names still filtered by the profanity filter?

Lol, you said kuman.

Numbers are getting censored now, absolute joke.


@anon642a Yeah, this is pretty ridiculous that they’re censoring any number with 3 digits or more. It won’t even let me put the number 6400 in a mod title.

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There was one point where the single numbers for taunts were censored for some people, where they couldn’t even write 1 for yes.


It censored multiple times numbers.
Like I couldn’t say “70%”. I was trying to say I was 70% into imperial age but the number got censored.
It’s beyond ridiculous.

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Bump, devs? Hello? Bonjour?