There are many countries can be added to the revs

Although there are many revs in game,the rev numbers of the each civs is not equal.If we can add some revs to them,that will be fine.If some of them can be add in the game for real,that will be a great gift to the players.
Malta:I have no idea
Gran Columbia(rev):Venezuela,Ecuador

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Revolution options should be limited to settler colonies and regions directly adjacent to the metropole. Anything else is really stretching the definition of revolution and encroaching on civs that deserve to be more than a revolution. Yes there are revolutions like Indonesia that defy this, but overall that’s the rule.

Malay, Burma, Afghanistan, Siam, Vietnam, Morocco, and Mapuche have their own separate histories of sovereign rule and don’t make sense as revolutions just because they were conquered at the end of the 19th century. All of these options would be great full civs, not just restricted to a revolution.

In terms of new ones, I’d go with the following

New Revolutions

Greece (Ottomans, Italy, Malta)
Ukraine (Russia, Poland)
Belgium (French, Dutch, Spanish)
Australia (British, Dutch)
Heavenly Kingdom (China)
Northwest Confederacy (Hauds, Lakota)
Norway (Sweden, Denmark)
Livonia (Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Poland)
Liberia (Britain, Portugal, Denmark)
Serbia/Croatia (Germany, Ottomans, Italy)

Add Existing Revolution Options

Mexico (Aztecs)
Peru (Inca)
Mexico (France)
Romania (Malta)

Revolutions to Remove

Hungary (Malta)
USA (Italy)
Indonesia (Remove for all and add Javanese civ)

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Another meaningless thread on throwing some potential full civ names randomly into revolutions + ban evasion…


For the Maltese: The Order of Saint John (Bailiwick of Brandenburg) is the German Protestant branch of the Knights Hospitaller, which gradually separated from the main order after the Protestant Reformation.

Ucrania con el nombre de Ucrania se independizó en 1991. Es muy tarde como para age of empires 3. Y en el periodo que fue independiente entra solo en AoE2

Lol. The worst choice as a playable civ in all AoE history by devs. Well done devs.

I think there are many civs can replace Malta,such as Greece,Croatia

What about the Chechnya,Georgia and Bosnia?

This is AoE, and for this reason I want to play with Empire civs within the game time frame such as Persians, Danish-Norwegians or Polish-Lithuanians.

Post-colonials or Age of Independence civs from 19th century are not in my area of interest.

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May be one day the Denmark and the Poland will in a DLC.

Yes, obviously…Europe or the Baltic still needs to be completed…I’m not counting Switzerland…

May be the Switzerland can be a rev,friend.
We may have Denmark and Poland as civs in future dlc and may have more revs such as Greece,Bosnia and Chechnya in the future update.
And I think their are still many continents needs to be completed,such as Myanmar,Korea,Thai for Asia;Persia,Oman for Middle East;Mapuche,Paraguay and Uruguay for Latin America.

Chechnya and Georgia were independent until they were conquered in the mid 1800s. Why would they even be a revolution option? Put in some Caucasian mercenaries and that’s good enough to represent them. Bosnians, Serbs, and Croats are the same people with different religions. Just make a Yugoslavia option and that’s good enough.

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Because I just want more nations join in the AOE3.And many civs’ story is in the late 1880s,such as Ethiopia.

They may not agree with that.