Wallachians should be part of AoE II Definitive Edition!

Now that the number of civilizations has been expanded, I firmly believe the Wallachians should be part of the game, it’s about time we have this important civilizations which played a role in Medieval Eastern Europe and had some memorable battles with the Ottomans, Slavs and Poles. Of these, the battles against the Ottomans stand out, as they held them off and mounted quite a challenge on several occasions. Just think of Vlad The Impaler, one of the most important princes in their history, but there are more who had an impact in Medieval Europe, especially in that part of the world.

They lived in nowadays Romania, played a role in many huge campaigns of the time, were evidenced by the Pope many times, and they deserve to be included in the game. I mean, if you have Slavs, Magyars, Lithuanians, Cumans, or Bulgarians, you should have also Wallachians.

The core of the army was the noble cavalry, largely armoured with lighter armoured followers. Light horse archers on the flanks and foot archers provided the main infantry base. Smaller numbers of mercenary and locally raised armoured foot, crossbows and handgunners were also available. That’s just a part of their military approach, the entire civilization had many fascinating aspects which I’m sure many players would enjoy.

I can tell you I wouldn’t be the only one interested in playing with them, I would buy the civilization just as I did with the two new ones that were introduced to the game recently. I really hope it draws the interest of the other players or the tech team, I would just love to have them in the game soon.


Nah, too minor of a civ.


Unnecessary to add Wallachians, they are quite well represented by Slavs.


Wallachians are not Slavs. They speak a Latin language.

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Especially considering the Slav campaign takes place there. 4 civs for Eastern Europe already and yes, Sicilians was kinda overkill for the Mediterranean one.

If they do get added it should be romanians so they are all unified under an umbrella.


You see, that’s another reason why they should be there.

Wallachians are not Slavs, they are a completely different civilization.


And why do you think the game need more civs after we got 6 new ones in 1 year?! And Wallachians already in the game by Slavs/Magyars with Dracula campaign, and they are just a courtyard/village like the stupid Burgundians and the stupid Sicilians rather than being a true empires/civs.

The game don’t need any new civs at all.

Wallachians are not the same with Slavs and Magyars. Entirely different civilization. Looks like people don’t know much about them, but their impact in Eastern Europe was very significant throughout the ages. If it weren’t for them, the Ottomans would have had it much easier during the centuries, especially when they were a big military power, and could have stretched well into Western Europe. At one point in history, they even managed to unite their three principalities and become one country. That’s more than other civilizations in the game did.


Again why do you think that the game need more civs especially with 6 new ones in 1 year and many of them were just a courtyards/villages?!

Because Wallachians weren’t a courtyard/village. Because they were one of the most important civilizations for centuries, way over others that are in the game. Because they are distinct. Because their rich history grants them that. Because they are not Magyars or Slavs, they are completely different and account for a big region of Europe, bigger and more important than those of other civilizations in the game.


I don’t care about what civ you want, i am asking why do you think the game need new civs after we got 6 new ones?!

I told you above. If you need another reason, then here it is: diversity. I know, you’ll them me it has plenty of it with so many civilizations, but not having the Wallachians, who occupied a vast territory and made an impact in the Middle Ages, it’s something that the game lacks at the moment and should fix. If you ask me, they were deserving of being part of the original Age of Empires II.


Honestly as someone who is all for new civs we should venture outside Europe for the next few DLC. Africa, South Asia and America all need love


I already made a post about them and I strongly agree that they should be in the game with the poles the serbs and maybe the georgians in a new DLC : Defenders of the Faith bc they were all christian kingdoms which fought against the Ottoman Empire and other muslim factions

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Well, the Wallachians, just like how the burgundians killed a lot of France’s nobleman, the Wallachians slowed the Ottoman advance into europe with at least 200-300 years under Stephan the great, vlad dracula, mircea the elder and michael the brave

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ok i agree that we should look outside europe for new civs but rlly new, most people know nothing about the true people and leaders of a civ, what they have done during their lifetimes and so on. This means that if u will give a asian civ to the game instead an civ from europe with the same bonuses ( if both were preety similar and were good with cav or archers) The people wont care about anything. My point is that it doesnt matter where the civ is from bc u arent going to read hundreads of pages about that civs history plus that most people dont even know what some people such as Justinian the Great, Mansa Musa, Nobunaga, how Genghis Khan raised 2 power and so on even did.

Glad to see there are people who share my views and know how important the Wallachians were for Medieval Europe and the continent’s development. This was and continues to be overlooked by many even today.


Well, i am part of the romanian comunity so ofc i rlly know how important wallachia was

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No one seems to remember albanians who were similar in fighting ottoman.they too are not slavic.

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