Wallachians should be part of AoE II Definitive Edition!

An official campaign that isn’t about Wallachians. This tells you anything you need to know.

Don’t agree with Eastern Europe being already covered. There’s still plenty of Eastern European civilizations worthy of being added to the game.

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You are contradicting yourself now.

very unlikely but not impossible, plus that they can just let slavs in the dracula campaign and add vlachs in another campaign which i suggested in another comment about a vlach civ ( tech tree, language, etc)

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What campaigns would you suggest?

Vaslui, Targoviste Night Attack, Posada, Rovine? These could be solid candidates, I know each were of great importance and had a major impact at that time.

I already said in the vlach civ idea that we could either have The Unifier( Michael the Brave) or Wallachia: Historical Battles where i included 5 battles: Nicopolis, posada, targoviste, rovine and vaslui

Yes, you did. Sorry about that.

Anyway, at this point, if the Wallachians were not to be added to the new civilizations, I would be happy even with a campaign 100% focused on their history and feats.

If they had not added the Wallachians (or Romanians), I think the Hungarians would have represented them best. Even in Dracula’s campaign.

No, not a chance. You can’t say about Hungarians that they could represent the Romanians. They are completely different, very distinct civilizations and cultures, and have few things in common.

magyares are actually an intrestin g choice, i agree with them however they have hca and paladin, units which the vlachs never used, however removing them from tech tree would be ok to me i guess

I know that, but I think they are a better choice than the Slavs, let alone the Turks.

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Now that there are strong rumours the game will see some changes, I really hope more civilizations will be added, there’s still room and the game would only benefit from this. If this happens, hopefully the Wallachians will be added to the game, even if not in a first DLC, but in another one at a later date.

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where are these rumors


i’d like to know that as well.



In my opinion this civ Design is too close to berbers with basically no eco bonus but super cheap knights. Free Husbandry in Feudal could also cause some issues though it might be compensated with having no eco Bonus.

The Peasant Militia seems to be a bit underdeveloped - I don’t see much difference to the standard militia line. Foreign Aid is a bit too complicated in it’s effect.

The TB is too strong. Though I am for the implementation for additional scouting / vision giving units, I think they should be trainable (eg from markets) to make it an investment. I also like how the scouting works in the early game currently and see no need to add hawks there. Besides I think it is OP.

Check out the other civ concepts participating in the poll:

So is anything happening after this poll?

Will it have a role in the future civilizations that will make their way into the game?

Why did you need to necro this thread with such a silly question?


Because I missed that part and I was now really curious if it will matter in the future civilizations that will be introduced to the game.

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Maybe the devs have lookrf at this post (as well as many more), but no there has been no signs of it yet

And the last comment about the civ design was done by a civ user, not a dev

Ok, thanks for this.

How about no?

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