What do you think we are gunna get in a May PUP?

I’m just a bit curious, as we haven’t had any news about any upcoming updates so far this month. After both April’s and March’s small(ish) patches I thought we might be getting something a bit bigger this summer. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:!!!

Any information on any upcoming updates would be much appreciated :pray:

What balances / new content would you guys like to see next update?


I need a brand new DLC !!!


Haha I think we all are hoping for that but I was thinking of things on the short term. Maybe a couple new maps, a new historic battle and/or a handful of new home city cards. But a brand new DCL would be amazing!!


Historical Maps aren’t that elaborate - they’re just maps with objectives. So they could easily be added as part of the content for KotM DLC owners.Potentially brand new Historical Maps:

  1. Hussite Wars (1419-1434)
  2. Anglo-Spanish War (1585-1604)
  3. Nine Years’ War (1688-1697)
  4. War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1715)
  5. Silesian Wars (1740-1763)
  6. Seven Years’ War (1756-1763)
  7. French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802)
  8. Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871)

For owners of USA civ & Mexicans civ DLC’s:

  1. American Revolutionary War (1775-1783)
  2. Franco-Mexican Wars (1838-1867)
  3. Mexican–American War (1846-1848)
  4. Secession War (1861-1865)

Exclusive map for owners of all DLCs:

  1. Boxer Rebellion (1899-1901)

Mostly we get a PUP on tuesday, so we’ll see tomorrow.


I really think this is the way to go. I think the repeatable playability of Historical Maps puts them as a much better investment than Historic Battles. Players usually only play Historic battles once or twice, whilst Historic Maps can be more easily integrated into multiplayer games.

I think Historical Battles should be only used to cover factions which aren’t in the game (yet) such as Canadians and Moroccans. Or used to teases the launch of a new civ like they did with the USA and Ethiopia.

Can’t think of anything better than playing this scenario against my American mates :rofl: :smiling_imp: :uk:

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How did you find out ??

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Personally, I prefer Historical Battles. I really missed any HB for KotM DLC.

This is the best options of Historical Battles for KotM DLC:

  1. Sack of Rome (1527) - Italians (Papal units) vs. Spanish (with Landsknechts & Doppelsoldners)
  2. Great Siege of Malta (1565) - Maltese vs. Ottomans
  3. Battle of Vienna (1683) - Austrians vs. Ottomans (Poles arrive in the late game - announcement of Poles civ)

A Canoe rework is coming, I can feel it.


I’d like to think the devs would add the option to customize the rev decks, perhaps losing some cards, but gaining others to compensate.

For example, we lose.

But, we won.

There would also be cards that override others, for example, if we send.

Our card is blocked.

I also wish the devs would add cards that allow new unique units to be trained for revs, but that could be added over time. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would also like units like the revolutionary and the like to be able to train in the barracks, there would be exceptions, but I think that the vast majority of players who use revolutions would appreciate not depending on urban centers to use the most iconic infantry of their revolution.

I would also like the developers to make Tupac Amaru II’s “revolution” card an actual revolution for the Incas, especially since they are currently not a civilization that can compete fairly against civilizations with good artillery.

I think with these changes the revolutions would be much more fun, especially since we could give new uses to old cards or a different approach to new cards. :smile:

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I wish they’d consolidate all of the fencing and riding school cards into one card like liberation march, but they’d need to watch out for civs that don’t have much space in Age 3 for extra cards.


Maybe something like this?

New Card: Military Training (Age II)
Effect1: -20% to the training time of cavalry and infantry in Age II or higher.
Effect2: -20% to training time for cavalry and infantry in Age III or higher.
Effect3: +5% movement speed of cavalry and infantry in Age IV or higher. (this effect is optional)

I hope this idea turns out to be interesting. :slightly_smiling_face:


I really like this idea!!! I’m guessing the Austrian civ roster will be made of Line Infantry and Mounted Infantry from the Hapsburg Royal House mainly. I’d probably also expect to see Magyar Hussars and Hungarian Grenadiers as trainable units for them too. I recon it would be cool to get large shipments of mixed mercenaries for free every so often to bolster the Austrian army - a selection of Landsknechts, Pandours, Bosniaks, Stradiots and maybe even Hajduk’s.

The scenario of the Battle of Vienna, in-game, could be similar to that of the first campaign in Act 1:Blood - Breakout where you have a fort and a small pre-made economy, but are under a constant barrage of ottoman troops trying to storm your defences. Your objective is simple - hold the fort until the Polish Winged Hussars come to break the siege (similar to Alain Magnan’s Hussars in the campaign). Maybe to differentiate the two scenarios, in the Battle of Vienna you start with two settlements - one inside the fort, the other far away outside. Separate the two starting settlements with mountains/cliff-faces so that its hard to resupply the front lines. The AI Ottomans should be constantly trying to use Petards to destroy the walls of your base - referencing the extensive use of tunnellers used in the real-life siege. The Ottoman army should be made up prodominatelty of janissaries…

I should probably stop hear before I get ahead of myself :sweat_smile:

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yeah they could make the effects increase with each age until you get the same benefits as liberation march plus or minus the movement speed buff depending on civs.


I think that other general card should be introduced called…

Professional Military Modernisation (Age IV)
Converts all your current archaic troops into their gun-powder equivalent unit. (i.e. Pikemen → Musketeers and Crossbows → Skirmishers etc.) and automatically grants the gun-powdered unit their veteran upgrade for free if not already obtained.

This should be available to all European Civs as it feels silly to have x-bows and pikes after the Fortress Age.


IF there is a May PUP, we will probably get a balance patch.

Now what I would kill for is a new Asian civs DLC with Persia and maybe Korea, including a rework of some Asian civs elements like:

  • More viability of consulate armies, as much as Malta can borrow units form others even. New nations to ally with, such as Sweden and USA.
  • Generalized upgrade cards to outlaws and mercs (you don’t get an arsenal most times and can’t even get counter-infantry riffling).
  • Outlaw specialization (maybe getting card/wonder buff or something like trainable Horse Archer for China like devs did with Highwayman for Dutch to round composition).
  • Access to imperial mercs upgrade for Asians and infinite mercenary cards in Age IV like Euros got in DE while Asians were forgotten.

Others: Flamethrower range increased and fire damage ability (like arsonists dot or range snare), Koxinga card also (or) buffs Iron Troop range so that they can be on pair with Yumi. Buff for all civs (including consulate) all trickles and Sumptuary Laws to ‘‘capitalism’’ coin trickle-power to incentivize more openers for multiple civs.


I think the USA can be introduced into the Japanese civ through a rework of the “Meiji Restoration” tech available at consulate after Japanese Isolationism is chosen.
This could take Japan out of isolation and instead ally them with the USA. The techs the USA consulate could provide are better covered in this post attached below…


Japan doesnr need more consulate benefits. India does. Its consulate doesnt give any lategame bonus. What a bad joke :confused:


I haven’t seen a canoe in a long time.