What if trains actually work?

Do people think it might be game-breaking if units can “teleport” through trade routes with trains?

It could work like the Maltese commandary: units can enter one trade post and get off from another allied one on the same route, with a cooldown (you don’t have to wait for the actual trading train, otherwise it will be very clunky)


Would be fun for a mod.


This would actually make way more sense than Commanderies working that way. It’s pretty dumb how the Commandery just “teleports” units. Instead of teleportation, it should make the units be sent via a pseudo-shipment that takes up bandwidth in the shipment queue. That would give a duration and some tangible sense to the travelling (like what happens with regular shipments). It would be less like teleportation, and more like traveling back to the home city and redeploying to a different Commandery. They could even be depicted walking around the home city to give a sense of where the units went.


Perhaps they pay a “passage” according to the population cost of the unit. If the whole route is controlled by you, it will be free, but if not, you will have to pay.

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The truth would be a good addition. Endgame trade routes aren’t that useful and seem like they only get in the way of building the wall. Why not just allow building gates on the path? I have never understood why they are so reluctant to such a simple change. At least in the imperial era. About 70% seem to agree with me in this poll.

After iron horse, I would give him the telegraph improvement to speed up shipments.


If I were to guess it’s because having walls immediately default to gates if they are on top of the trade route would require some engine rewrites, it’s not easy to do in a real game rather than on an eye candy screenshot.


There is such a thing in Act 3 scenario 2. So it should be possible in-game.

As I said. You can perfectly do it in a scenario as Eye Candy. The problem is having the game automatically turn walls into gates if you build them on top of Trade Routes.


If it builds gates automatically on the path, then it wouldn’t be the problem, it would be the solution.

By the way, the mod which i used as an example does not build doors automatically, it only builds a solid wall. The doors must be built by the player.

I don’t think it’s that difficult to edit some codes so that a door automatically appears on the trade route, is it?

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Yeah, in Defend the Fort you have gates where the trains pass through them…

Well, yeah, I mean, have you tried to make the door automatically appear on the trade route? As in, did you stop to question why the mod doesn’t do it?

I guess they haven’t scheduled it to happen maybe because it’s a bit difficult for a modder, but I think for developers it would be practically a piece of cake.

if {wall is on trade route}



This made me laugh more than it should :joy::joy::joy::joy:

<string _locid="34145">Remember you can travel from Trading Post to Trading Post once the train is running. Garrison your men in one Trading Post to ungarrison out of another.</string>

you can find this line in the string file
train do transport units in its early design

I think that feature would be pretty interesting and rarely overpowered.
You can only teleport along one trade line and only to the trade posts you control.

It would be more likely be so rarely useful that people would forget about the feature pretty quickly and it’s hard to build strategies around it.

It’s not like you could teleport into the enemy base, because they won’t let you build a trade post there and rarely does it run in a strategically interesting way on most maps.

It could be a lot more helpful in team games where maps are larger and you could potentially use it to get to your allies base a lot faster.

For balance you could not allow to teleport to trading posts that are under attack so you can’t just use it to easily protect them against raids and there is also an easy way to deny reinforcement.

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It would be extremely OP and will make contesting a trade monopoly very difficult. It can work as a custom mod but not on usual ladder

Then just disable the feature when trade monopoly is active.

why OP? Command does the same. I came to think it was a bug.

Or do you mean the door on the route? This would not be OP at any age, it would only be annoying for the raiders, and as for the commercial monopoly, it seems that almost nobody takes into account that the natives also count for it. That is why I propose that it be at the end of the game.

Maybe not teleporting units but a movement speed buff near the trade route could be cool