What to do with the Organ Gun?

We all know by now that the Organ Gun is historically unrelated to Portugal. It was used in England and France and variations of it popped up in different places in Europe over the years but it was never a Portuguese cannon.

The second issue is that it’s practically worse then a Falconet in most regards. It also robs you from having the ability to get a 2 Falconet card.
The US gets 3 Gatling Guns that aren’t much weaker then an Organ Gun.

Also the Organ Gun was designed to shoot all barrels at once not in order.

My idea

The Organ Gun replaces the Falconet for the French and British. The Portuguese get the Falconet.
The Organ Gun now costs 400 Gold.

It only attack with 1 shot but that 1 shot has a larger AoE (maybe 5) then a Falconet but the reload time is longer (5 instead of 4).
Unlike a Falconet it doesn’t have bonus damage against buildings.
The other modifiers could also be different but that has to be tested.

The Range could potentially also be lower. Maybe 24 like the Gatling Gun.

It should be a little more effective against Infantry then a Falconet but a little less effective against everything else.


The British and French don’t need them.

Just make the Organ Gun a kind of mercenary, like Li’l Bombard.


That could be a nice option too. Maybe a Fortress Age mercenary?

But both Brits as well as French only have very little Unique Units right now.

They will have their own updates. What’s more, these two civs can easily find more representative content than the Organ Gun.

There are currently no anti-infantry artillery mercenaries, it could be a nice addition. The Organ Gun mercenary has the possibility to be available to every Europeans and even other civs, which fits well with what you stated “variations of it popped up in different places in Europe over the years”.

Napoleon Guns: am i a joke to you?


Well, I admit I forgot the Napoleon Gun.
But the Organ Gun is still suitable as a mercenary.

I think there is a third problem: every European civilization has at least 2 unique units (for the Dutch in theory the bank was a unique unit).
If the organ gun were actually replaced, it would have to be by some artillery that, if not exclusive to the Portuguese, would historically be used by them a lot.


In theory the Portuguese deserve new unique infantry.
I hope it’s musketeer-like units. Their muskets were the origin of the Japanese muskets and influenced Japanese warfare. Even at consulate the Portuguese ally should better provide Japanese musketeers or other gunpowder infantry, not archaic crossbowmen. (Yes, the Japanese currently have good musketeers, but they also have good archers, so that’s not a problem.)

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I think the Portuguese as the last popular European Civilisation and the second last popular over all needs an update. Which civilizations do you like the most? (MEGAPOLL)

But I think that’s a separate discussion.

So assuming they don’t have it as a unique unit anymore. What should be do with the unit?

imo Ports needs just a rework of the organ shipment, like fix the animation more similiar like a gatlin or just let them as currently but buff the shipment then to 3. Water Ports still very very good and okay on Land on some match ups they suck but generally i think they are not so weak.

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It’s not a balance question.
It’s a question about if people enjoy playing that civilisation.
And not many do.

Portugal doesn’t feel Portuguese or generally that interesting to play.

And the Organ Gun has nothing to do with Portugal at all. It should have never ended up in that civilisation.


Organ Guns should be a variation on the Gatling Gun and Napoleon Gun - One of them is likely stronger than the other, so making Rabaulds somewhere between them would be the best way to do it. It would need something unique, though, like a higher multiplier into infantry than the other two or just more AoE.

They need to be made into mercenary units.

If this kind of artillery is used as a mercenary unit, it can be used by both Asian civilization and European civilization, and it is more in line with history.

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Canonneer: am I already forgotten?

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They are not strong units.

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How about only making the [Organ Gun] replace the [Falconet] for the French, while the British can get the [Saker] cannon instead of the [Falconet]?

The Saker cannon was not only used by the English but they did apparently use it very often. What makes this cannon interesting is that it fired a rare round shot that was intended for bouncing along the ground, in order to cause as much damage as possible.

I made a post where I suggested that this cannon could be added to the game:
(1 new trainable unit for the British, Dutch, French, Chinese and the Japanese)

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I honestly kinda hate that nearly all European (and even African) civilisations have the same cannons.
Always Falconet, Culverin, Horse Artillery and Mortar. And then most also have the Heavy Cannon in the Factory.

Not even the Ottomans have a unique cannon in the Artillery Foundry.

I think Ottomans, Persians and Indians should get a Bombard as shared artillery. A heavy version of the Falconet.

The Saker cannon would be perfect for the British, the unique feature of letting the ball bounce and hit multiple units in a row would make it interesting to use compared to a normal Falconet.

The Horse Artillery is also very boring because it is just better then the Falconet in every way. It isn’t only faster but also stronger. No trade off outer then the price + population cost.

The Musketeer, Pikeman, Crossbow, Skirmisher, Halberdier, Dragoon and Hussar have so many unique version by now but the Falconet, Culverin, Horse Artillery and Mortar don’t.


I made a suggestion for Bombards awhile back:

But I was being deliberately inflammatory and asking to also remove Siege Elephants to get people discussing it more so it was a bit of a mixed reception. Siege Elephants could just be renamed Gajnal and be restricted to the Culverin role. Bombards could have higher damage to buildings than Falconers to make up for a more focused Gajnal unit.

Sakers could be an interesting unique unit for the British. They’re kind of lacking with only Longbows and Rangers being unique.

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Unique Portuguese unit:

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It’s weird that Gatling Gun was implemented with little change as a Fortress Age shipment as it had been a revolt only unit.

Therefore an “Industrial age”-unit is at their disposal as a "Fortress Age"unit (and iby the way it’s cheaper than a falconet)

It’s even more insane USA has a 3 Gatling gun card, that can be recycled.

Meanwhile, Portugal has the 2 Organ Guns card which is mostly inferior to the 2 Falconets shipment.