Why are people unhappy?

French is nerf. I no longer lose vs French as HRE even when I’m playing optimally as hell. For me, the game is fixed on land maps now. Genuinely curious what people are upset about at this point?

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siege is still a total mess. and the counter system still need some work


I hope you tried AOE2 by the look of your pic.
So in AOE4 you cant choose colour, random civ, 200 pop limit for single-player mods, water gameplay is horrible, units are poorly balanced (especially sieges), drophacks, horrible UI, and lots more to mention


Probablemente tenga algo que ver con que el juego haya sido el 20% de lo previsto.


Game has no depth. Don’t you ever feel like there’s no strategy to battles and instead you’re throwing 2 massive meat blobs against each other hoping one of them comes out victorious? That is, if siege doesn’t completely overshadow flesh units.


You only playing 4v4?

The civs are a giant step back from AoEO, AoE3, and AoM, which are the games I’ve played since 2002.


Along with the other answers to your post, lack of single player.

Most people play against AI and the AI in this game is really not good enough to be a challenge on higher difficulty. At low difficulty it rushes you in the dark age so it’s not great for those who want to play against Easy AI (those starting out for instance).

The campaigns are really really one dimensional too. Just 1v1 attack/defend missions for the most part. While the videos are good, they don’t involve gameplay so I’m discounting them.


Honestly I think the basic truth is that people have very different reasons to be disappointed. For me it’s bugs, siege balance and naval gameplay that are driving me away from the game. But for others it might be the lack of UGC features, or the challenge less CPU AI, the dwinding community leading to uncompetitive matchmaking, or the poor balance between civilisations.

Relic are going to struggle to solve this because they have such a wide range of issues to fix.


AoE 4 just feels like half-baked. So many undelivered promises and I’ll never trust any game again from Relic.


Because the core game design is uninspired, shallow, stale and lazy. None of this can be magically fixed with DLC and seasonal updates.

Where’s the innovation? Nothing this game brings to the table does anything better than the older games and in fact in most cases those games blow AoEIV out of the water. AoEIV isn’t a bad game per se and I’m glad people are enjoying it but it really isn’t anything special in my eyes.

World’s Edge has their work cut out for them to regain my faith in the future of the AoE franchise. Relic are just hired guns.

It’s not like I’m so upset about AOEIV either as AoE fans have always been divided and as a AoEIII diehard I know what it’s like to have my game constantly denigrated, although I have to admit I feel vindicated everytime I see someone praise it. I think AoEIV helped people understand how truly great AoEIII is.

We waited such a long time for the next AoE to come out not knowing if we’d ever got one so the disappointment displayed here is frustration of getting a game that just wasn’t worth the wait. It’s a tough business and it’s impossible to make everyone happy. It just feels like AoEIV was made with the lowest common denominator in mind (no disrespect to those who enjoy the game) and not AoE fans.

When people proclaimed AoEIV was going to bring players from all the games together they were wrong as it only divided them further. No one wanted AoEIV to fail. And it didn’t as far as sales go and for the suits that is all that matters.

My advice to AoEIV players is simple: learn to develop a thick skin like us AoEIII players have. The AoE universe will continue to revolve around AoEII and that’s fine.


yeah just look at dow3


The maps too…they are so generic and messy…


And that’s another thing. AoEIV lets you choose a biome which is really cool but they all have the same huntables and predators. Boring.

This is just another example of laziness, lack of immersion and disregard for detail. Even AoEII has different animals so what is AoEIV’s excuse?

Stop treating players like they’re too dumb to figure out a caribou functions in the same role as a deer.


Of course…I think the same…as if the players were too dumb to
not being able to differentiate one flora or fauna from another…

My unhappiness with the game has never had anything to do with balance. Balance can and will be adjusted as people test the game, as the meta evolves. To be upset with balance = to like the game already (at least enough), to think that the “base game” is ok.
It’s not even the lack of features. Some of them are baffling, but, in time, maybe, they can be added back.
Instead, for me there are fundamental problems with too many design choices that make the gameplay shallow, not interesting, simply not fun to play. Starting from the camera (but that seems to be a personal limit of mine) to end up with civs design, passing by game mechanics like homing arrows and no elevation (real) bonus, to cite only some of the major ones. For me, the “base game” is not ok, and the road map does not address its real problems.
But I’m just an old Age fan, probably I was never going to be among the target audience.


Things like a timer for the sacred site countdown when spectating a game is missing.

How can they miss simple things like that?

What about you shift your villager to get berries and the villager stop getting other berries around it once the one it gets from is depleted ? It’s horrible.


To the OP, a quick browse of the forum would likely yield some answers :slight_smile:

For example, the zoom, max pop, and UI, to name a few


I’m still waiting for the Craig Mullins art compilation I paid for.


sadly it is in the game folder :frowning:

The digital deluxe version was also a big disappointment.