[WIP] Ancient Civilizations - Total Conversion Mod

Yes, we are planning to make the mod both, for regular and UHD


what would you do about the destruction graphics of custom made buildings? you’d have original AOE1/AOE2 building and their destruction graphics where as custom drawn/photo shopped building will just have an explosion?

Yes, custom made buildings will go to rubble after destroyed with no animation

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Scene from the busy Silk Road trade city of Samarkand…


You may use this mod while taking sceenshots of your beautiful scenarios.

how do you create proper damage map(dmg) for the edited buildings?

Hi Jugg, my mod used above is a dat file. How do I include the anti-occlusion effect in my dat mod?

You will have to edit Unit Occlusion from 1 to 0 for all unit IDs.

While I could create them, they wouldn’t blend it well with AOE1 collapsing animations since they make the building collapse without any visual damage. That’s how it’s done in AOE1. What I’ll need to do is to correct the fire in some buildings that appear offset

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Work in progress, new unit for Mod to capture appearance of Roman Legionary 2nd century AD. We are using a 3D model to produce and build animations.


Looks great, but maybe need to be darker abit to match the lighting of AOE2DE?


The unit proportions look similar the to ingame unit but lighting could be reduced more,look at how dark the ingame unit shadow looks compared to your unit.

I think the shadows are correct, it’s materials of unit that are different. One is wearing Lorica Segmenta armor which would be more light. Shadows under armor plates and in fold of outfits are correct, same
palette as game. Will be adding a cape to match other units in game, should create impression of darker color. Will post updated pic soon of unit in game.

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what does unit occlusion even do ? i see it in the editor but what does it do

it is the outline of units which is visible when a unit moves behind trees/buildings.

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Quite nice, :smiley: possible to put them next to other units and cavalry?

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Congrats on your first unit Model for the game!

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