[WIP] Ancient Civilizations - Total Conversion Mod

Amburio, thanks to your tutorial I was able to convert almost every Roman buildings to AOE2, however they don’t blend well into the game. I agree, the Greek set blends well because the roof tiles more closely match the Med buildings in AOE2, Romans are reddish.

PS. I joined your Slack group but not much activity there. Also no files are shared except Navin’s. If there are any files I can help with let me know.


A complete Mediterranean city fully finished. While fitting AOE2 style and sizes, the buildings converted make it look ancient.

In this time I didn’t just migrate AOE building to AOE2 since with sizes and proportions they don’t really blend AOE2. AOE2 buildings are tall, while AOE1 are flat. In some cases I used photoshop to edit them. The castle for example was shortened a bit, market was replaced with Trade Workshop, since original one is too big. The Greek Gov building looks great as wonder.

Regarding the Slack group, I created so we can share our buildings for different mods, but haven’t done much for the moment. I came back to modding after a week.

After that pause I’ve decided how will I continue with this mod. I love how AOE2 has different cultures from many continents while AOE1 is more limited in that way. Since the variety of building sets is wider in AOE2, I can’t get rid of AOE2 buildings. I have decided to try blending some AOE1 buildings into AOE2.

  • Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians and Carthagenians will have the Medi building set as you see in the picture.

  • Celts & Germanic civilizations (Goth, Franks, etc) will have Slavic Feudal buildings in Castle & Imperial Age.
    The following picture has no mods, but I think it suits a germanic forest tribe:

    I will need to make Castle Age buildings, like Castle, Siege, Monastery and Uni using photoshop.

  • Arabs, Berbers & Aksumites will be fine with African building set I think.

  • Indians and Bactrians will have to use Indian AOE2 building set.

  • Chinese Japanese and Koreans will have a blend between AOE2 and AOE1 asian style.

This is an example made by PeakHornet:

  • Steppe People, like Huns, Scythians or Xiongu, will use a mix between Feudal age asian buildings, the AOE2 Huts, Shrine, etc. I haven’t thinked much about it yet.

  • Persians: Tatar AOE2 Iranian building set don’t really blend well with AOE1 babylonian buildings. I’m still unsure of what to do. Babylonian buildings alone don’t really match AOE2 proportions.

  • Egypt: I think this will be the hardest. I have already converted AOE1 buildings into AOE2, but sizes are different from AOE2.

What are your thoughts?


Germanic / Nordic village. Should I edit the town center so it matches the university and monastery during imperial age?


The Germanic warlord Odoacer deposes the last Western Roman Emperor Romulus Augustulus, bringing an end to 1,228 years of Roman rule, seizing the imperial regalia and sending the Emperor into exile…


WIP Celt village using AOE1 textures.

Anyone interested in joining the modding discussion, you can join our slack group with this link


Why is there an Egyptian Chariot in the Celtic Village? 11
Don’t mind just kidding, it looks really beautiful! Good work!

Did you create those new buildings, how is there destruction animations?

Hi! Yes I created those buildings myself, just by merging different building images in photoshop. Those won’t have destruction animations for now, since it’d be a lot of work to manually edit each 60 pictures.

Ancient celts used to have chariots in their armies, but well, we don’t have different skins for each civ lol. I’m planning to make chariots available at the second age, but weaker than cavalry, so they’d be great for eary raids. What I’ll do is using, AOE1 axeman, norse warrior, and Berserk as infantry line skins for celts and germanics.

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why not use this chariot for celts?

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That’ll be their upgrade at the third age. Main chariot civs will be egyptians, celts & persians. Other civs might only have the unupgraded chariot only.

This mod seems similar to yours

Well that’s impressive, I’ll have to check that mod out. I didn’t know others were working in the same concept atm

@xWHIT3W0LFx might also be interested in Project AG3 Ancient Empires

Yes it’s a cool mod, but my goals are a little bit different. The main purpose of my mod is to port Age of Empires Definitive Edition as clean and true to the original as possible in terms of graphics, sounds and gameplay. I don’t want to mix it up with AoE2 and I don’t want to add anything else than gates. The project is already quite advanced, but it will still take some time until the mod is finished.


You said, that there are some obstacles, which you can’t work around?

It seems there are 3 similar projects about AOE1 then. I’ve downloaded AG3 mod and for me the buildings look too big and the units too small. I’m making AOE1 gates too, let me know if you are interested in using my textures. Here’s an example of a roman gates. I’m also making castles that will match AOE1 textures.
b_rom_fwall_gate_x4_1 image


Yes, there are a few compromises I have to make, but so far they are bearable.

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Thanks for the offer, I’ll let you know if I need anything.



Is it for UHD as well?