Are we still in the BETA-phase?

My question is relatively simple and obviously rhetorical, but considering all the drops in ranked teamgames and the missing restore-option, I am really wondering if we are still in the BETA-phase of this game?! I don’t know - I love the game, the design and so on, but this is just horrible and destroys every fun. Devs focus should be on this issues and not on special events. It might be harsh, but in my point of view it is unacceptable to release a game people have to pay for and not provide the very basic-function of an online-multiplayer-game… (and then not even try to fix it as soon as possible).


Yesterday I made a little statistic about the drops: 6 drops out of 10 games (ranked 4x4). One time it was me, the other fife times enemies or allies lost connection --> it is not just happening “sometimes”.

Additionally there are the long queue times and drops in the lobby before actually launching the game (I didn’t count those drops, but probably around ten more drops in the lobby yesterday)


Completely agree. Last night 3 out of 3 of my games had at least one player disconnect in them. This is completely unacceptable and we need some communication from the devs on this immediately.


If a rejoin system is impossible to implement in the engine then a half automatic safe and restore system might be possible in some cseea of drops.

Would love if the devs could analyses the possibility.


If restore is not possible we just need to avoid the drops. If someone is really losing connection it is obviously not devs fault, but 99% of the drops right now are some weird bug - and analyzing/fixing this is on the other hand actually devs job. And this should not be done slowly “month by month”, but with fast fixes. The sad part is, that for every fix so far a new bug appeared immediatly. Will this ever be stopped?

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Mate you spoke my heart, my clan has stopped playing ranked at all, once we get a match there are drops all the time :confused: I dont even bother reading events so annoying feels like you are getting extra ads in the games another thing to close b4 you can start a game


Sadly complaining won’t help much. The big majority of the playerbase are casuals who “love” the game and love everything about it even if its so broken. They don’t wanna accept the truth. Try making a comment like this on reddit(asking if we’re still in beta phase), you will get massively downvoted by people who don’t even play the game and only watch online forums for memes. On the other hand a post saying wow this game is so great thx the devs for making gets 500 upvotes.

Let me say, I am very thankful for everything the devs did. They have provided us with great new features, gameplay improvements, new graphics, loads of content, even MS sponsoring tournaments but all that somehow falls in the water when basic functionality of Multiplayer is not working properly with drops/disconnects/freezes… or pathfinding, or even some small minor bugs which have been in game for months and never fixed.

Can be compared to politics, similar to how city governments sometimes decide to do stuff like build a new fountain in the city center, open a new park etc… but all that is irrelevant if people in that city don’t have proper access to water or electricity or food etc… if you get my point.


Tried playing 2 ranked games today.
In the first one, an enemy dropped after 15 minutes.
In the second one, I dropped after 15 minutes, leaving my team 3v4.

I honestly wonder why I keep trying to play this game

The worst part is, unranked games work fine because I pick servers with decent ping, but the ranked queue keeps sending me to either brazil or india


I play unranked and it happens there frequently too for me. seems like a fundamental problem they just want to ignore. I say ‘ignore’ because they never address it or add it to the list of known issues. The bug reports have been sitting around for days and days yet no action or acknowledgement.


They usually fix these bugs in the next path.

1v1 or TG?

That only happens once they have added it to known issues (which for some reason they don’t). Plus disconnect issue has been around for months now in one form or the other, but now its just getting ridiculously frequent to the point where team games are unplayable.

Some recent topics and bug reports, all about the same issue:

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Honestly I just stopped playing the game due to this endless cycle of fixing old bugs and introducing new ones, and more often than not reintroducing old bugs that were already fixed.

I have hundreds of hours played and I was really committed to this game, but this endless “beta cycle” was enough for me to stop caring about it.


The core team game experience is still broken. How can you play team games when at least 1 player will disconnect at some random point in time?

It just wastes everyone’s time and effort. Multiplayer RTS where the multiplayer doesn’t work…and they dont even add this problem to the list of “known issues”…and mock us in the patch notes by saying they listen to our feedback…multiple threads on the disconnect issue for weeks not a single acknowledgement from them…