Auto queue villagers?

When under pressure I’m constantly have idle TC time because I can’t focus on everything at once. Having a button to toggle and forget would help an awful lot when everything is going wrong. I know its a skill thing. my hotkeys are setup so I don’t have to look to produce villagers, but I still forget. If attention is a resource, I don’t like having to spend it to click TC and produce villagers when I need to be fighting. It would help newer players and returning players.

With the shift, 5 villagers are produced at a time. In the mid game it is advisable to have more than 6 villagers in the queue and you will have a constant production of villagers.

I find when I’m running constant production I find I don’t have the resources to queue that many vills. I’m referring to early to mid feudal fighting. All I can afford is 1 or 2 units in queue per production building. The idea being for max efficiency and not floating resources.

the production of villagers is the first priority you should not produce anything without first having at least 3 or 4 villagers in queue, if you are of low elo having a constant production of villagers will already give you victories

I agree villagers should be first priority. you never want to stop producing until the late game. which is why to me having an auto build button seems helpful. My elo goes around 1100s-1200s and alot of games are coming down to small decisions and mistakes, If a small mistake is combined with an idle TC, that can cost you the game. While that may be the point, it seems harsh to me.

This was already discussed extensively when the game came out, it only takes 4 villagers to produce 3 villagers every minute, I bet you didn’t know how to use shift, use it, always have 6 villagers in queue, don’t wait for them to implement an automatic queue

I will defiently try to use the shift more. I was not aware this was discussed already, I could not find any posts about that. Im curious what the conclusions of those discussions were?


If you are that good at running “constant production”/keeping resources low it means you already have very good mechanics and have no issue training villagers since training military units is even more spammy. You lost credibility with this comment. Normally new/low level players end up floating resources when they forget to train units. If you are always low on resources either you are super good or super bad at making villagers and as a result have a very low income.

Or maybe you build so many production buildings that your economy cannot sustain but somehow you forget to make villagers but don’t forget to queue troops…

Edit: Also pro players can’t focus on everything at the same time but they are better than you at doing it/make way fewer mistakes. It is a relative thing.

The automatic unit production queue should be a mod and experiment with it.

The one who is a good player, has to remember the economic/military upgrades, to know which villager goes to which resources, to know how to protect himself from raids, to know how to attack…

The pros will remain pros and low level players will have a better gaming experience.

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Low level players are matched with others of the same level who also forget to requeue villagers all the time. So I don’t see how making TCs autotrain will give them an easy time. In fact it can do the opposite because with a number of villagers beyond their ability to manage the eco and production they will float even more resources and their games become harder to end as they turn into the deathmatch mode with large stocks of resources

Let us do the same for military buildings as well and when you have 20 barracks set to auto train spearmen but decide to mix in some MAA now you go visit your barracks one at a time and change them to auto train MAA which takes way more effort/conentration and APM than simply selecting barracks and hitting some Ws instead of only Qs. And you have to manually stop autoqueue when you don’t want to produce troops.

Also it is part of the game that if for example you harass at multiple places and distract your opponent you are increasing their chance of forgetting to do some things including queuing villagers.

The inclusion of the autoqueue option on production buildings in AoE4 doesn’t make the game any easier for low level players, rather it makes the game more accessible and less frustrating for all players, especially at low levels. (better gaming experience).

The accumulation of unused resources is not an advantage in the game and it should not be frustrating if this were to occur: Players can use groups of buildings and hotkeys to efficiently manage their production.

Opponent distraction has always been a part of the game and is not significantly affected by the inclusion of the autoqueue option.

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why are they frustrated when they play casually in chill mode and missing queues here and there should not matter to begin with. People who play while chilling don’t get nervous nor frustrated. Competitive ones tend to rage the most.

bad to be a person who can not understand others.
He just want to “enjoy” game. he probably does not care about all your writing.

no he does not. He just want to F2 all army and he is fine.

may be after 1000 games he will become you and will care about all this shit. but not today.

I literally did not play ANY game for awhile.
and i think I will be happy with autoqueue.
I remember buildorders/watched some tourneys, but do not want to “struggle” with pressing buttons.

and I will be totally happy, if it’s only QM.

PS xbox on aoe2 showed how it can be with resource management… I like the idea… at least have it as option.

Every player is different and has their own expectations and emotional reactions to the game.

Let’s remember that the intermittence of the production queue negatively affects the economy and the consumption of resources, so there can be frustration at those levels and even some casual ones want to play well.

What’s important is that AoE developers find ways to make the game accessible and fun for all players, regardless of skill level or play style. The inclusion of options like the automatic production queue can help achieve this goal by making the game more accessible and less frustrating for all players.

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You don’t have to struggle when you don’t care about climbing the ladder though

From my experience with “low level players”, most of the time they don’t notice they are floating resources and when they do many of them don’t see how it is problematic and they can enjoy the game despite that.

Which is why he shouldn’t be frustrated about forgetting to train every now and then because these are irrelevant when you don’t care about climbing a ladder and he will have roughly 50% win rate as long as the matchmaking is working well/ player count is good enough. It is not the lack of auto train villagers that makes him have a 50% win rate his opponents also make mistakes. Introducing autotrain will affect both sides and he will not have an ‘advantage’ that raises his win rate for a while or make him climb 3 leagues. Then he will remain frustrated because the real reason for frustration is NOT the lack of villager autotraining. It is his attitude towards the game and towards losses/to what extent he feels competitive etc.

you do not have to struggle to answering me what i should do and what i should not. It’s rude.
If I want to struggle - I will.

To answer on your particular subject:

you are floating with $$$
but you do not have constant income, will you be as happy as a person with constant income? – Not(?).

The issue to which you are blind. They/We etc are players, who want to play game, not to “let’s build 10 knights, went for coffee…cause we spend resources”
Once you forgot to fix your economy, you return to it… and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT.
If i sell some stocks on the market it BOTHER me… cause my loss… even if it’s the game.

To put it super simply: some want game to be more forgiven on mistakes. Want some comeback mechanic.

one of the latest comment from streamer who give aoe4 a second shot: <<free units is the best for me(noob)>>

But why i even care to explain.
autoqueue does not affect your majesty, cause players will need:

so, why do you even care?

Numbers of players show what and how players want to play.
For my ###### you are on loosing side.

And some people fail to imagine that English is not everyone’s native language.